Saturday, September 27, 2008

He's my Son

I found this song on another friends site and just had to share. Please watch!

Here is a moving story. Called 99 balloons about a little boy named Elliot

Everything here is well. Danny never did fall asleep yesterday, even with being up since 3am. Guess he didn't want to miss anything, LOL.
We had a crew here at the house all day yesterday to pour us a bigger driveway. With all of Dan's toys we need more space, heehee.
I had a scratchy throat most of the day yesterday and have woken up today with a soar throat and stuffed up. I'm hoping it's just something in the air that is bothering me and not a cold bug already.
Hope you enjoyed the song and story~ Take care

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Anonymous said...

Hey Lori and the rest of your wonderful family!!!!, we go through and have to make some emotional decisions over our young men but we both have the strength to do whatever is right for our angels!!!

Sending you all our love,

Caz, Dec and the rest of the Kelly family