Monday, September 15, 2008

Beauty Sleep

Well my lil man thinks he needs to "party" it up early in the am hours and then sleep when he should be up. Today he slept till 2pm just enough time for me to get him showered before the vision therapist came over, this was her first visit back for the school year and I couldn't let him be the stinky kid, lol. With all those zzzzz's he woke up in a very good mood. He is smiling, vocalizing, and even moving his arms and legs alittle. Of course this is all after I told Deb (vision therapist) that he has lost alot of what he had started to "get" from therapy last school year and the most evident lose is alot of his purposeful movement. Not sure if that is due to the ITB pump or the amount of seizures he has had this summer. I know the biggies can "wipe the slate clean" and he would need to relearn most things. But I will take him proving me wrong when he does all the good stuff! Tomorrow Danny is going to meet his new Speech therapist as she wasn't able to come at last weeks therapy. So it should be interesting to see his reactions as both the teacher and speech therapist tomorrow are new. Danny tends to be on the more reserved side when it comes to new people, again he'll probablyt prove me wrong, but I'm ok with that.
Of course after I took his pictures the other day he was smiling from ear to ear for his dad, ARGH! Well his is handsome either way smiling or not.
It's ours, FINALLY. We closed on the land early this morning. Tomorrow the contractor is going to pull permits and then their off in making our Dream Home come true.
Dan did very well at the races yesterday. They are now racing on Sundays. He is going to Michigan for a big end of the season race this week. So no racing this weekend here, but I think he has one more Sunday left and then racing at WIR is done for season. He will be gone for 5 days racing in Michigan so I hope he does well and has a fun time with some of the other racing guys. I will keep you posted on his results.
Finally the weather has started to cheer up alittle. Thanks to IKE!! Amazing how we here in WI still can get bits and pieces of it's leftovers. Unbelievable how must destruction can occur. This week is suppose to be wonderful weather wise so I'm hoping we can spend most of the days outside enjoying the fall days before the snow comes knowcking on our doors, yuck! Take care

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Vicki Fields (Jayden's Mommy) said...


Thank you for always posting such sweet messages in my Jayden's guestbook. I think you're an amazing woman too, caring for 2 children with special medical needs. You always seem so energetic in your posts and that just blows me away. I was always exhausted caring for my sweety pie, but I would do anything to have him back anyway. I'm glad to hear that Danny is proving you wrong with his motor skills. Don't they always keep us on our toes? He looks so handsome in his pictures. You are one lucky Momma! I hope you guys get to come through Kentucky one day soon so we can meet up for a hug and a chat.