Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Busy, Busy

Wow I haven't posted in a few days. Well Sunday I realized that this week is the start of our "normal" schedule. Which means I will have someone coming into my home at least once a day to do therapy with Danny or I'm running either kid here or there for other activities. So I got this wild hair up my butt to tear apart the house, clean it, decorate it for the fall, and put it back together. NUTS!!!! Well it got all done Monday night (what a way to spend your anniversary, hu?) It's done and I feel better about having people coming over when the house has had a "BIG" clean. I love this time a year! The weather is cooler and for Danny that's that bomb, plus I have people coming over so I can have some "adult" conversation (I know that are here for Danny, but they are emotional therapy for me as well), and the oven comes out of hibernation and watch out. I love to bake and cook so I'm always doing something in the kitchen not only does it mean nice warm meals but my house smells awesome. Pumpkin cheesecake here I come, heehee! I love this weather!!! Tonight my family is getting together to celebrate the birthdays of September, we did have it planned for Labor Day but schedules didn't allow that to happen. Pizza, beer, and birthday cake, now isn't that any great way to celebrate. Yes in one more week I will be turning another year old, ARGH!
Danny got to meet his new teacher yesterday along with PT Dan. I'm so glad that Dan is back with Therapy as Danny really seems interested when he's around so with the new teacher being a male maybe we will get the same response. I hope! OT is coming out today, swim starts on Monday, and I haven't meet the new speech therapist yet but she and the teacher will be coming out on Tuesdays. PT with Dan is on Fridays and through the hospital I have it once a week when it allows. That's just Danny!! Avrianna and I do school work about 2 hours of sit down a day, then projects, she has swim on Thursdays, and Pioneer Club on Wednesdays. She would like to start dance again but not finding it in the schedule, I'm sure I will make something work.
Next week they start breaking ground on the new house and I can't tell you how excited I am! I will be going out to take pictures of the "land" and then keep going as the project is under way so I have a picture diary of all that is going on. I just got done planning a meet and greet party with all the contractors working on our "Dream" home so I can personally thank them before we get too far into it. I will post pictures so you can see how things are going too.
Please still keep Reese in your thoughts as she is still fighting! Her family is going through a very rough time so stop in their web page (link is on the left) and give them some words of comfort.
To leave comments on their page as well as this one you click on the comment link under each post (as it's alittle different then the CB site we had) So you can post that you stop by in our guestbook on top or reply/comment to each post.
Hope you are all doing well. Take care! Oh yeah go into Danny's equipment link (on the left) I have added new photos of his stuff (bipap, lift, mickey button & pump)

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