Monday, September 1, 2008

Sleeping Beauty

Well Danny fell back asleep around 9am and is still out (its 4:30)! So we all know how tonight is going to go for me. I guess it's ok obviously he is sick and fighting something off but I get real nervious when he does this. His heart rate has come down some but still too high for him. I haven't heard anything from the doctor but I really haven't sought him out either. I guess I'm going to just let him sleep and call tomorrow when it's not a holiday. Unless he wakes and is miserable then off to ER. I have gotten most of the stuff done today with him sleeping so I'm sitting well if I need to bring him in.
I picked up our van last night on our way home and the new lift was put in. It looks like it is going to work nice not only for Danny but for the whole family. As this one doesn't take up the entire entry way so no more tripping over the darn thing. There was just a few service issues that need to get resolved, but other then that I'm hoping this is the end to a very long issue with lifts. Yay!!
Here are some of the pictures taken over the weekend. Enjoy!
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Picture of the Mines. Danny wasn't able to go along so Grandpa Rick tooled around with Danny so I could go with everyone, but we did get a picture with Danny and all the kids. Way to Go Grandpa Rick!

Avrianna enjoying some time on the rides with Grandpa Rick and Laurie

Grandpa Rick made sure Danny was always moving and tried to keep him in the shade.

Grandpa Rick pushing Avrianna in the swing

Danny in Grandpa Rick's Air chair...This was wonderful!

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