Monday, September 29, 2008

Season's Here

Well yesterday my lil man decided to sleep in till 12:30 in the afternoon and was sounding noisier then "normal". Now today he is up and VERY VERY wet. It sounds at times like he is gurgling water in the back of his throat and his chest sounds like a rattle. I have done Mr. Jiggles twice already today and it looks like more is in his future for the day. No fever yet, but his stats are continuing to slide, argh!!! I have been in contact with Dr. Kasper and he has ordered an new machine to be delivered to the house today.....the cough assist. Get ready, Get set, here we go! I love this season, NOT! Now is going to be the BIG tests to see if Danny can maintain a good airway or if the trach is more of a immediate thing. I was so hoping we wouldn't have such a hard season with all the sickness he had over the summer, but I guess this summer was just the start and I should have known better. I will update later with how the cough assist does.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Lori,

So sorry to hear little man is poorly, were sending lots of cuddles and kisses and you guys to to help you through!!!

Its that dreaded time of year for all our babes, im especially worried now to as Declan is under Hospice care now so any infection Dec gets he has to try and fight it himself with the oral Anitibiotics only.

Hang in there honey, you will give that angel of yours just what he needs.

Take care

Love as always

Caz and Dec xxxxx