Saturday, September 13, 2008

Lil man's pictures

What else to do on a crumby rainy day but to take pictures of my lil man. That just brightens my day :) LOL! I couln't get him to REALLY smile but he corporated for it all. What a handsome boy he is, but I guess I'm partial! I just love him so much.. I'm so proud of all the he has acheived in his life. Way to GO! We are one, conjoined if you will, I've never been away from him for more then a couple hours. Where ever I go he goes and visa versa! I just love to show him off, I mean who wouldn't with those cheeks, HU? Gotta love them!! These are a few of my favorites I think I took 50! Wow he is such a trooper.

I went to check to make sure I had some AWESOME pictures and when I returned Bailey made herself comfy and looked over lil man for me. I so LOVE my FAMILY!

Today is Lilie Clarks Celebration of Life Party. Please keep her family in your thoughts today as this has got to be a difficult time for them. I was truely blessed to have followed her story through the web. What a great family they are! You can still follow them on their web click on the link to the left.

Please feel free to comment or leave a message (click on the comment link below each entry) to let us know you stopped by. I fixed the problem on the comment page so now anyone can leave messages, sorry. Take care!

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