Monday, September 1, 2008

Labor Day!

Well Danny knows it's a holiday. We are awaiting a phone call from his pediatrician or we're heading to ER. He did ok up in the UP. I'm so glad we decided to head back last night or this would have been more of a challenge in no where land. Yesterday he slept till 12:30 and I have to increase his oxygen that is bleed into the bi-pap to keep his stats up. Then when up he was miserable crying, whinging, and flushed. Last night his heart rate was just racing about 130 at sleep (his usual is about 40) so I knew something was brewing. He awoke this morning foaming & spitting from the mouth, heart rate was in the 170's, face is flushed but his legs & arms were freezing. I think he is now just hot all over, ARGH! I am going to give him a shower and await the call. I am hoping he'll do better after the shower, but it's a holiday and we ALWAYS spend it in the ER or hospital. It's just a given I think that is how he likes to celebrate the holidays. We need to talk to him more about that, LOL.
Up in the U.P. was relaxing except trying not to get stung as the bees were terrible, I've never seen so many! We went to the Dickinson county fair and went into a Mine. Which was so cool, I've never been in one. I will post pictures of Grandpa Rick and his grandkids as soon as Danny gives me a break! LOL Take care
Please keep one of our CB friends in your thoughts as she is on her way to earning her wings VERY soon. What a strong family and a beautiful litle girl. Click on Lilie Clarks link over in the Links I follow to the left to follow her story!

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