Friday, September 19, 2008

Innocence of children

As I got my lil man ready for a big day shopping with us girls...Avrianna turns to me and asks if Danny will be walking when he becomes a dad. WOW! Totally hit me off guard and where does this stuff come from. I know this is a first for you all but I was speechless...dumbfounded you could say. I had to turn away and just about cry.. not only will my lil man not walk but he'll never be a dad, wow that just hurts.
Well I picked up my heart and decided to keep on keeping on.
We did end up going to a bunch of rummage sales around the area and even found a few things for Danny. I got the cutest Halloween costume for him, I can't wait! Talk about a gourgeous day to go rummage sale shopping. The sun was shining and there was nice breeze....just a great fall day. My neighbor came with us and then took us out for chinese at lunch for my birthday. Thanks! :) As we were unloading the van when we got home Danny's PT, Mr Dan (yeap another Dan), just about followed us in. So Danny got stretched out and even rolled from both of his sides onto his back multiple time, Yay! Danny was really having a FUN time today with therapy. We altered his AFO's in hopes that Danny won't clench his lil toes so hard when in the stander. When I get him out the bottoms of his toes are so red and irritated from the clenching down. Well I hope the added padding Mr Dan put in will help. Avrianna enjoyed trying to steal the attention and gave us all a fashion show (instead of doing school work) with the dresses we bought for her today, poor Mr Dan, lol. We will be seeing Mr Dan two times a week now as on Monday Danny starts his water therapy again, so watch out life guards my lil stud muffin is coming and he still has a tan, woohoo! LOL
Cute, small world story: My mom was out to dinner tonight when her husband was introducing her to an aquaintence of his. Some how they got on the subject of Make A Wish as the couple does alot for them because their daughter passed away 2 years ago due to a rapid cancer. Well they were going on about Danny and his bed that he got from MAW and that Avrianna is awaiting her wish. My mom was talking about how great I am with the kids and some other things when the lady turns to my mom and asks with a strange face what our last name is....she told her....and the women with excitement I guess says I KNOW HER. She was one of the women at the eye clinic yesterday that helped us funny is that. Well then I guess they went into more detail, oh boy, but long story short I guess I made an impression on the woman. They parted their ways and ate dinner...then later on the women came over to my mom gave her a big hug and told her to give that to me as she said she was so impressed with the me and how I handle the kids. She was so touched on how she could see how much Avrianna loved her brother and that my attitude towards things is so positive(boy do I have them all fooled,lol). Well it made me feel good to hear that!
Just to fill you in our CB friend Matt is doing better, he's stable now and hoping to get out of PICU and on the general floor soon. He has an aspirated pnuemonia and GI problems. This is September kiddos.....everyone is getting sick so early this year. I'm scared to death what this fall and winter are going to be like, YIKES!
Unfortunatly I was unable to put Cole's site on here sooner as he is a lil boy I just started to follow. This afternoon he earned his angel wings so please go onto his cb site and leave some words of comfort for his family today who I know are having to endure one of life's hardest journeys....the lose of a child!
I hope the start of the school year is going smoothly for you and that you are staying HEALTHY! Life life for today as you can not change tomorrow and you never know what tomorrow is going to bring. I am so trying to live by these words! Have a good one!

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Anonymous said...

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For you Danny with all our love from the kelly family.