Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Another Year Older

Well in less then 2 hours I will be another year older. WOW does time fly! I always said that if someone would have told me years ago that this is where I would be at 34 I would have laughed in their face. But today I can say I am a better person! My children have shown me how to become a better wiser and now older woman, LOL. I guess you need to be young and foolish to become older and wiser. Well I will be spending my day with the kids and then possibly a friend and her daughter will come over at night for dinner and a movie here at the house. Avrianna and I have to get our eyes examined and Danny has therapy to.
Yesterday Danny got to meet his new Speech therapist and she seems to be pretty comfortable in working with Danny. I got to pull out some of the stuff I have here at the house that they can work with him on so they have an idea of what they need to bring out if they need it. Danny seemed to be quite engaging with both the Speech therapist and teacher was makes me VERY happy. Today Danny had PT at the hospital and he was surprised as the therapist we has thought he was having was out on leave so he got to play around with the other. He tolerated PT pretty well with his head control and he seems to be interacting more with her. He even sat upright more in his wheelchair for a longer period of time, Yippie! He did have 3 seizure episodes, but nothing to get excited over they were more of a eye tremor thing so I'm hoping it is do to the lack of sleep (as he felt he needed to be up again at 5:30, yikes). Tomorrow is OT here at the house and then PT here at the home on Friday.
Dan is off racing and the only hiccup right now is the difficulty of getting through Chicago as he heard the major Highway is out due to the flooding from Hurricane IKE. I hope he has fun and does well racing as his birthday is on Saturday so he should have a wonderful time spending his day doing what he loves to do!
Avrianna received a phone call from the Make A Wish program looks like she is not going to meet Miley/Hannah Montana as Hannah has "closed" her wishes for this year. She is only seeing 8 more kiddos this year and Avrianna is I think # 16, so she would be able to meet her but it wouldn't be into Spring/Summer of next year. Avrianna has decided to go with her second wish which is to go on a Disney cruise with a princess and be a princess! I think she will have a blast. So we are now back waiting for the paperwork to get processed for the "new" wish. I will keep my eyes open and when Hannah is coming close to town for a concert maybe I can get tickets and back stage tickets.
I hope all is well with you, Take care!

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