Sunday, September 7, 2008

Make A Wish Walk/Run

A HUGE THANK YOU to all that supported the Osero's and Niemuth's in the Make a Wish Walk/Run. Our final total was $1305.00, WOW! That is awesome! The weather held out and is was a great time by all. I think we are going to make this an annual tradition for the Osero's. Here are some pictures of the crew. We also had a newspaper photographer following us the first half of the race as in early October the Post Cresent is going to be doing an article on Connie, Griffin, Myself, and Danny. I will let you know the details so you can keep our eyes out for it.

All the Wish kids that participated in the walk!


Dan, Avrianna, and Rhiannon heading our pack.

Here we are!!!

After the walk we all went home to rest alittle as the whole family felt the need to be up extra extra early yesterday. Danny and I were up at 4 as the Bipap came out of his nose and was blowing in his eyes (it happened yet again this morning too, so not happy about this, ARGH!). Avrianna was up by 6:30 and all dressed ready to go walking. Dan was up by 5 to pack up the race car so when we got home from the walk he would be all ready to go racing. So needless to say there was no reason for us to be late. We ended up getting there early then I had planned so Avrianna was able to do the Kids Dash (which she had a causality and fell, but recovered well).
Here's a recent picture of the car! And he did well at the races last night.

After Dan took off to go racing the kids and I went over to Connie's to chat and visit. Our couple hours turned into 6.....THANKS Connie for the wonderful hospitality, I needed to get OUT and chat it up with you. What a wonderful (long over due) time together.
Please keep Little Miss Reesie (one of the kiddos I follow) in your thoughts. As in the last few days she's gotten some infection and is now fighting for her life. The family feels that she is coming to end of her young life and might be earning her wings soon.
Thanks to all that support and follow our story, it really means alot to us!

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