Wednesday, September 24, 2008

So Mature!

Well Avrianna is SOOOOO excited that her glasses came in early. I can only hope that she keeps up the enthusiasm with wanting to wear them when she has too. She looks go good in them and so grown up. Why can't they stay small?? My glasses didn't come in yet, but should be in tomorrow or the next. Well here she is in all her glory.

Today the reporter contacted me and the article is due to run in the Post Crescent some time mid week (next week). I am hoping she will give me a heads up so I can get a couple extras to save for a scrap book. I will let you know when I know.
Avrianna and I made four loaves of bread today 2 pumpkin and 2 cookies and cream. I can't wait to try them. She just loves to make things, maybe she'll be a baker. She is at Pioneer's right now (kind of a girl scouts) so there is some "quiet" time around here that Danny and I are truly enjoying. Avrianna is always on the go and busy busy (wonder where she gets that from) so it nice to just have some Danny and mommy time.
This morning Danny and I went to PT and he did very well. Aaryn put in new foam into the bottom of his AFO's in hopes that he will not clench his toes as much when in them. So we will see how that goes. Just a note that just FRIES me...I was parked in the van access Handicap parking in the hospital parking lot. Not a sole by where I parked so when I got out a car has not only parked next to me but in the yellow lines for the lift to drop onto. That just pisses me off, not only are there do not park lines on the ground but I have a plain as day sign on the side of the van that states
So I had to pull the van out into the lane, turn the van off, unload the lift, put Danny in, load the lift back up, turn the van back on and go. I know petty but come on!! I really don't like having to block the parking lot up and load him in the middle of it. READ PEOPLE READ! ARGH!!
Tomorrow Danny and I are on our way back to Milwaukee, sigh, for a follow-up with Pulmnology. Hoping that will be a nice and quick visit but after the last visit with Ms Avrianna I am not assuming anything.
Here is the picture of the race car that was taken in Michigan.

Dan in all his glory!!

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Anonymous said...

Hey Lori,

Thats fine to add Dec thank you for taking the time honey, ive added your lil stud muffin to Decs friends !!!!

Sending you all lots of love and kisses

Caz and Dec xxxx