Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Heading to the U.P.

After alot of pondering I've decided to once again pack up the RV to head up North in Upper Michigan. My dad has a cabin up there and my sister's family is going up to visit with him so I figured what the hey. I know this might bite me in the butt with Danny being so congested, but it's our holiday weekend too! We have EVERYTHING packed in the RV so if anything should come up I'm going to be prepared and if this get too bad we can go home. I'm crossing my fingers things work out. I don't get together with my Dad very often so I'm hoping this is going to be a (long overdue) fun time together. Dan is going to drive the RV following me in the "big" van to Green Bay as it's going in to have the new lift FINALLY put in. Then from there it's off to the U.P. On the way back home we are then stopping at my Mom's (oh the joys of a divorced family) to have a cook out on Monday not only for the holiday but to celebrate all of our birthdays in September: Myself, Dan, my sister, my grandfather, and my dog too....oh and our Anniversary is this month. Busy Busy Busy! I know we won't get on the computer up there so I will post once we return home. Hope you all have a safe, healthy, and happy holiday. Please don't forget if you haven't already click on the link to the left and Pledge us on our Make A Wish walk. All pledges are due in September 5. You can help to make Wishes come true to children with a life threatening disorder, WE NEED YOUR SUPPORT! Take care!

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