Saturday, August 23, 2008

The Bug

Danny continues to be very congested and cries alot. Poor thing just can't breathe very well with being stuffy. He has started a fever so hoping it's just do to the extra effort with breathing not an infection. We are monitoring it close. We were to go to the Kimberly Roller Skating Rink tonight with our support group families but not too sure we are going to go now with Danny not bouncing back well. Maybe today he will have a better day, but it's not looking to promising.
Avrianna's color is back and I think she has gotten rid of the bug. I can only hope they don't decide to pass this thing back and forth now! She is back full tilt into her schooling, as we gave her a vacation from it when we were on the road. I have her signed up for some programs this fall thru the Rec Dept here that I think she is really going to enjoy, drama, art projects, and her favorite the Daddy Daughter formal Dance in the winter. Swimming will start up again soon so she'll be back in the water before she knows it.
Dan is off racing today (as long as the weather holds off). Boy this year has been a difficult one with racing and the weather. I spent all afternoon yesterday putting the decals on the car of all the sponsors for him and his racing. I will try and post pictures of the car all done up soon. These are old picture of the car and one of the times the kids went to the races.
Last night I had a girls night out and it was great. We went to a local park and watched Boogie and the YoYo's play again. Yeap I'm starting to become a groupie. They are awesome! I even bought a T-shirt and CD and will try to get the band to sign them.
Well it's FINALLY official........WE HAVE LAND!! After 1.5 years of deligently looking for the perfect spot to put our forever home on we have it. We are staying in the school district so Danny's therapist can still work with him and we are going to by a subdivision so we will still of the space of our acres and yet near children for the kids to make friends. I am so excited. We are planning on starting the digging in the next couple weeks. A HUGE THANK YOU to the best real estate agent ever, WOODY! She put up with us for so long and never gave up on making our home have an awesome spot. Or home is still on schedule to be in the Fall 2009 parade of homes here in the area so it's about 1 year away before we'll be able to move in, but time will just flying by.

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