Saturday, August 16, 2008

Niagara Falls

Well we changed our plans. We are almost done packing up and off to New York!! We are going to check out Niagara Falls. I just booked a camp site for tonight and tomorrow night just 6 miles away from the Falls. I am hoping they have some FUN stuff to do there too. I see they have an aquarium so we might check that out too. Avrianna wants the Osero's to go to every state in US so we are going to try and add another on to our list so far I believe we have gone to 10 of them, WOW! I will try and post later when we get there.
Danny is doing well his soar in his nose is now pussy so I'm hoping it doesn't get infected and the blister is still on his cheek but it's not as red as yesterday. Last night I gave his nose a break and just put him on oxygen.
Dan woke up this morning with a ichy rash over his tummy so not too sure what that is all about but putting Hydro cream over it and hoping it will be gone soon.

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Patyrish said...

We went to the Canada side of Niagra Falls two years ago and it was BEAUTIFUL.

What fun this will be for you guys!