Friday, August 15, 2008

Life is Sweet

Even after being up most of the night with BOTH kids, the stress you get from just camping alone, and the "normal" stress of dealing with the mass confusion and comments at a public place. Life is Sweet today (well at least this morning). Dan and the kids treated me to a couple hours at THE SPA in Hershey Hotel. I had an uninterrupted 2 hours of rest and relaxation. I can't believe it!! First I had a Whipped Cocoa Bath and then a Cocoa massage, WOW! I think I found Heaven in Hershey! It was the highlight of mommy times ever. Not only did I get the FULL service pampering but now I smell like chocolate.
Avrianna learned a valuable lesson yesterday....if your going to ride your bike in the mud puddles your going to get dirty!! It rained of and on yesterday and today so there are enough of them for her to enjoy.
Danny was up since 5 am gasping for air....the Bipap fell out of his nose and was blowing in his face. ARGH! So he didn't fall back asleep till now it's 2:30 in the afternoon. Oh well at least he can lounge around too. I do get the looks though as he is outside in his lounge chair (thanks Nanny and Aunt Bonnie)with his pulse ox on and Oxygen on his face. I am very interested in what his ENT in Milwaukee has to say about his airway issues on Tuesday.
We leave the camp grounds tomorrow and will probably spend our day at Dutch Wonderworld which is an amusement park for kids 12 and under. Then not too sure where we are going to end up for the next three days so not sure if I will have excess to the computer after tomorrow. I will post if and when I can. Hope you enjoyed our pictures of our vacation. Take care

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