Friday, August 8, 2008

Hershey PA

Well Hershey here we come. I think we are ready. I have brought just about everything that is in Danny room so if the need is there I have the equipment to deal with it. Avrianna is very excited to see chocolate world. Dan is planning on racing and when he is finished we will load up in the camper and take off. I'm sure we will stop somewhere along the way to catch a few zzzzzzzz. It's only 12 hours to get there so it's not as bad as our Florida trips. I am plannnig on bringing the computer so if the campsite has WIFI is can still stay up to date with all the CB children I follow and I can up date you all with what we are up to.

Danny is doing well and I hope he continues when we are gone. I have an appt with ENT on the 19th to discuss options to help with Danny's breathing. Then on the 20th back in to see the Neuro to see what we can do with the baclofen pump. The xrays from his spine did show the cathater did slide alittle but the pump moved significantly. The Ortho doc couldn't even get a good picture of Danny's right hip as the puck was positioned right over it. So much for it being in his belly!! ARGH. I'm sure that causes some discomfort to him and maybe that is why he will get very aggitated lately.

I will try and update soon! Take care

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conmae said...

Love the new Blog, Lori!!

Enjoy your time the Niemuth's should rent an RV and follow along...