Wednesday, August 20, 2008


We made it home! Of course things didn't go as smoothly as Oshkosh, WI we blew a tire on the car caddy. Thankfully it was in Oshkosh only 20 miles from home and not in New York or Pennsylvania! We took the van off the caddy, unhooked the caddy from the RV and I left Dan and the side of the highway to await help from a friend and a trailer. Avrianna was very upset that Dad was left on the highway but once we went to pick up our dog from Auntie Bonnie's that was all forgotten. I am so glad we went but over 1900 miles in 10 days is long enough in an RV! This will probably one of the last trips with just us four, hoping the adoption process goes smooth.
Danny doctor appt with ENT went VERY well. No need for a trach in his eyes, yet! As long as these episodes happen when he is sick and he recovers well we are in the clear from the trach, again for the time being. He still has on ear infection on the right side but when doesn't he have one. What a relief it was walking out of the appt with the instructions to be back sometime in the fall.
Avrianna was able to get labs done when in Milwaukee also. It does show she is fighting some bug, but her body is working to fight it off, instead of shutting down like the last episode, thankfully. Her color continues to get more yellow the jaundice should peak in the next few days, but we'll keep a close eye on her. In the morning her blood count was at 9.8 and retic was at 13.6, by the afternoon (we did another draw when we saw Dr Kasper) her count dropped to 9.3 but her retic was up all the way to 19.7. So what this means to us is her body is making more blood (retic) faster so it can try and keep up with her distroying them quicker. So all is well right now if you can get over the yellow. WONDERFUL!
I am still working on the kids stories so you all have a background on them and how they both got to where they are today....yeah I know I don't have enough to do, right?
Take care hope you all are well and enjoying the last few weeks of summer. Please take some time to donate for our Make A Wish walk that is coming up faster then you think. Clink on the link to the left.

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