Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Well we came back from the doctors appt frazzled. Only because everything looks great with Danny, blood work, urine test, ears and an over all check up. So we are chalking it up to Danny being Danny and we'll go with that. All weekend he was whining and crying but get him into the Dr. Kaspers office and he's smiling (even when getting a finger poke), ok make me look like a dork. I'm so glad there is really nothing wrong with him, except his crappy breathing with this cold, but if he was just missing Dr Kasper there are other ways of going about see him I guess. Heehee!
I took the kids out yesterday to pick up our Make A Wish walk shirts and go shopping. It was wonderful to be able to put a face to a voice behind the MAW program. She was so nice and was wonderful with the kids. Our shirts are picked up and we are pre registered for the race so just awaiting the day. We are excited to particiapte in such a great program. Please, if you haven't already, click on the link to the left and pledge us in our walk to help make Wishes come true to children with a life threatening disorder. We need all of you support! Pledges need to be by Sept. 5th.
Shopping was alittle frustrating to say the least......I guess I was niave to the fact that "this" was to get easier as time goes by. It's was a good day don't get me wrong we found alot of cool stuff on sale. But only for Avrianna....then the more I tried to find something for Danny the more upset I got. The realization that even a new born toy is too complex for him to play with made me sad, he ended up with baby powder and wipes and I was upset! Boy does he get screwed, I can't even get a toy at the store just because as there there are NONE. I felt so bad for him, I just cried. Guess this won't get easier! I think I am going to do what a good CB friend does and start getting T-shirts with funny, smart, off the wall sayings. He will definately use them and we all can enjoy reading them.
Take care!

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