Wednesday, August 13, 2008

She's a Reese's

For those of you that haven't been to Hershey Park they rate the kiddos by candy bars. Avrianna is a Reese's so that means she can go on just about 80% of the rides at the park. We took the shuttle to the park today from our campgrounds and they were wonderful with accommodating the wheelchair. They had a special shuttle come and pick us up that has a lift and then gave me the direct phone # to the supervisor so when we were ready to leave I just had to call her and they made sure the right shuttle was available to us. I highly recommend coming to Hershey it is wonderful. Not much for Danny to ride on, but they didn't charge us for him either. To get back to the Reese's thing. Well we worked our way up the ladder of risk throughout the day. They rate their rides from 1-5 one being a kiddie ride and 5 was the new ride called the was NUTS (I wasn't brave enough for that). Well Avrianna did so well with the rides I decided to take her on the Comet which was rated 4 good thing it was the last ride as she freaked out!!!!! It has two drops, you know the ones that throw your stomach in your throat in 1 second, right away in the begining and that is all it took tears the rest of the ride. She did love the log drop though so thought this one was going to be a breeze, NOT. Well maybe next time we come she'll try it again. Or maybe NOT! Oh to be young again, I haven't been on a roller coaster in YEARS! Loved it though. Well just wanted to let you all know we are having a great time. Take care!

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bbalogh said...

Hi Osero's!
I love the new site, especially how new posts and pictures show up right in our clicking through required. Henry is very intrigues by the whole idea of Chocolate World and has many questions. We'll have to get together when you return so Avrianna can tell him all about it!