Wednesday, October 1, 2008


This is a plaque in my living room and I just love it! So true. I came across it ironically on my VERY first girls night(a couple of years ago with a few of my special need mom friends) up in Door County. I saw it and just had to have it.

To go with that saying this morning my lovely daughter wakes up (quietly as we slept together in my bed cuz Daddy's gone, heehee), went into the kitchen and got a pumpkin muffin out put frosting on it and brought it to me for breakfast. What a sweet thing....:) I'm thinking to myself ok what did she do or what does she want, LOL. She made me this picture too in art.

Here she is sporting off her lost tooth.

Today Mr Don, Danny's mobility therapist came out to check out Danny and brought out some new swirly pads to put in his light box. He loves looking at them.

Thanks Ms Debbie for ordering them and Mr. Don for bringing them out!

Today I was able to go out and watch the blasting of on our land....Not only did I watch it the guy let me push the button to blow it up, WOW!!!! I know I seem like a lil kid but it was awesome. Not like I will have a chance to see or do that again. I did take some pictures but I didn't get the full effect as it happen SO fast I wasn't ready. Here they are drilling about 75 holes into the rock where they then put the explosives down. Once the holes were done there was lil yellow wires all over the place. They hooked up two wires to this lil box and I just had to push it. Then the rock and dirt flew up 20-30ft in the air and landed nicely in a pile. I was so glad I got to see it....I left the kids in the van just in case rocks came flying and Avrianna was thrilled to see everything in the air. Here are some pictures This one nothing done to it

Here where you see white is the area where all the holes/explosives are

I didn't get the rock and dirt in the air, but just invision seeing solid rock where the smoke was so cool!

Here is the pile of rocks that was left after the smoke and dust settled

This is one of the holes they drill. All morning they drill all these holes for in a matter of 1 second its all over with but the rock pile! Heehee
Well off to take Ms Avrianna to Pioneer's. Take care!

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