Thursday, October 16, 2008

Glue and more Glue

Well we made it to Milwaukee for Danny's sleep study on time......but then sat and waited for an hour before someone came into the room to start hooking Danny up. We actually hit no traffic on the way there, now that is something to write about, Yay! Danny and I sat and cuddled in the bed watching Aladdin while we waited. I was starting to put my guard on when there as they didn't seem to have their stuff together ie: running around, no one came into the room for over an hour to even acknowledge, then the orders were wrong in their system for his settings, and the glue squirted all over the pillow right next to his face (this is like super glue). But they redeemed their selves by not putting on alot of tape on him as the last time not only did he get 2 Huge pressure soars on his face from the mask but he had an allergic reaction to all the tape they have to put on his face, ugh. But not this time, Yay! Well after he was all set up he actually fell asleep sooner then normal so the testing could begin. I sat in the dark, with the hall light illuminating just enough light for me to address the Christmas card envelopes (yeap there is that OCD kicking in, heehee)so there's another project off my to due list. Yeah!! I slept like crap on those chairs, but didn't go in thinking I was going to get a good nights sleep, but at least lil man did. There were two other children that were being tested last night too, but they were not as cooperative as my angel. They were up Very Very Very early (like 1 am and didn't fall back asleep, so they left around 2-3 as they were making alot of noise.) But lil man didn't hear it so he slept through it all, Yay! They woke us up at 5:30 and by 6 we were on the road. Boy I can't believe the traffic at that hour of the morning in Milwaukee, good thing we don't drive that every day, YUCK! I should get the results in about a week. He seemed to do ok, but I don't see or hear any of the monitors so really won't know till I talk with the doctor. The tech did mention he "paused" just a few times, but recovered quickly so maybe he is starting to have central apnea, we'll see what the doc has to say. We got home and I had to wash his hair three times and there is STILL glue in there, ugh. It should be all out by tomorrow. No red marks or pressure soars either so I'm one happy momma!
Physical therapy was already at the house at 10 this morning and we are waiting for OT around 2. So in the mean time I am making all the dips and some of the meals ahead of time for our trip up North. I'm hoping the weather corporates with us.
Oh yeah the wheelchair. ...... it's here but not all the right pieces came in so Danny still can't use it yet. I had this misconception that a wheelchair is a wheelchair, until the new one came in my door. It was like seeing his first one all over again and all those emotions. This one is so much bigger and we needed to get alot of special pieces for Danny as he is becoming more complicated, sigh! So it's been another adjustment on my part, but I'll get over it as long as he is comfortable and I can get him around comfortably. I will post pictures when it is all set up and right for him.
Please take a few and stop by Angel Lilie's would have been her 2nd birthday! What an awesome family! Happy Birthday Lilie!!!!

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