Monday, October 13, 2008

Night Out!

I got to get out of the house tonight for 5 hours with NO kids. WOW! It was great and now refreshed to take it all on again. I went out to the monthly support group in my local area called Parent 4 Parent hosted thru the Easter Seals program. I have been going there for the last 3yrs. It was great! Alot of moms had shown up this time and even a new mom. It is great getting together with them.......some of us even got together alittle earlier and met for a taco bar and happy hour before the meeting. It was so nice to get out and not have all the worries and attention when the kids are with... to just sit back and RELAX for awhile. Avrianna went with my mom (Nanny's)for the night. They are going to hang out tomorrow for a girls day! Dan and Danny were chilln out listening to music and watching tv tonight. Danny even managed to give his Daddy a present while I was gone......a stinky one, heehee! I didn't even have to plan it, LOL!
Avrianna's labs and ultrasound came out ok. So she must be fighting something off and so far her body is doing what it's suppose to. I don't have one of the test results back yet, to see how well her body is reproducing new blood cells, but I should have it by tomorrow.
Tomorrow I am going to get started on Christmas wrapping, yes this too goes with me "OCD", LOL, and I have most of the shopping done I just have to wrap it and sort them out. I should get a good start to it with Avrianna gone for the day tomorrow. Then I can get a good feel of what I need to get yet. One Question for all of you Wii players out there. I am thinking about getting this for our BIG family gift and I have no clue what's what with video games...any advise?
This weekend we plan on going up North with my Aunt and Uncle to show them "the Shack" that Dan talks so highly about. He really loves it up there....God's country!
Hope you are going well. Take care!

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