Saturday, October 11, 2008

Color is off ?!?

All day today Ms Avrianna's color has gotten more pale. I took her to the fall fest this morning at a local park where she was able to play with some friends, paint a pumpkin, and draw some pictures. After that we went to the store to pick out a birthday present for one of her friends. I noticed her pale skin and a blister starting on her lip when we got out of the van to go shopping. We came home after shopping to eat some lunch and she ate really well and had energy still so I let her go next door to the birthday party for alittle while. She had fun but I did notice she was still getting pale and now she was an emotional thing so I knew she was getting tired. We took a ride down to the new house site to see how that was going and take some more pictures....the basement is being poured. Yay! Dan and I decided to take the kids to go see the movie Wall E as Avrianna has been asking forever. This was Danny second show at the theaters and he enjoyed it... smiling and even was chatting it up a lil bit (I had to have a talk with him and let him know he can't talk in there as others were trying to watch the movie too, LOL). Avrianna liked the movie too but about half way through she said her tummy was starting to hurt, ugh. She fell asleep on the way home from the movies....about 8pm which is totally NOT her, sigh. So I've emailed Dr K to get his opinion and we'll see how she is in the morning. I will try to post in the morning to let you guys know how she is. Probably bought herself at the very least a blood count tomorrow at the hospital.


Angoraknitter said...

I'm so sorry to hear this. She just got the flu shot right? Perhaps she's just processing all the immunizations. I know sometimes folks get a wee touch of the flu after the shot, but it's not suppose to be as bad as full blown flu. Let us know what the doctors come up with. I'm suppose to get the flu shot too, but we don't have them here yet.

Anonymous said...

Oh lil princess so sorry to hear you are feeling poorly angel, sending you the biggest hugs ever!!!

Hope your feeling better soon sweetie with lots of love

Caz and Dec