Saturday, October 4, 2008

Nailpoilsh Nightmare!

Ok here's a riddle for you...what's blue, fuzzy, and smells.

It's my carpet!!! UGH I didn't specify to stay seated and shake the polish. Avrianna was walking around and the bottle it the corner of the wall and exploded. These are picutres of the child all cleaned up, the "favorite" high school musical outfit before it got thrown out, after I cleaned up the walls and wood work in the hallway, and cleaned the bathroom. WOW - how does one bottle of polish make such a mess. These spots are after me scrubbing the carpet for 45 minutes with polish remover, vinegar, hairspray, and resolve. No go! I still have the stain and now the house REALLY stinks. My finger are raw as of course I didn't think to put gloves on. I'm Done! I'm Tired! I'm afraid to ask WHAT MORE? So I put everything away, we are dishing up some ice cream, and were going to watch a movie in bed. I'll give Dan and call and let him stew over it so when he gets home (whenever that may be) he'll be cooled off. As I was scrubbing away Avrianna drew me this picture and left for me to see.

I will translate as she was so upset so didn't know what to do. It says : I am really really sorry with her signature heart. How can you be mad at that? Mistakes happen. But I'm not going to like the carpet bill :(
I made it to the house project on our way to our Walmart run and our basement is dug. Yay!
Movie is about to start so TTYL. Take care

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Jamie Bork said...

Aren't little girls fun!!! LOL.