Thursday, October 23, 2008

Happy Birthday Avrianna !!

Well 6 years ago life as I knew it was going to change. At about 7:30am on October 24th my water broke 8weeks prematurely and my family life was going to start. With many unknowns of what family life was going to be like I was filled with anxiety. Knowing the "baby" (as I didn't know what the baby was) was early the picture I had in my head of the delivery wasn't to be true. There was about 8 people in the room so the whole private intimate thing went out the window. There was a team of nurses and doctors for myself and then also one for the bundle of joy as we knew she was going to need help once out in the world. The delivery went pretty well as I was smiling and joking around with family and friends (without any drugs, LOL) up until about 1 hour before the birth. I pushed for about 15 minutes and out SHE came. I at that moment 4:46pm became MOM to Avrianna Lee. It was so exciting and scary all in the same moment as we had no idea what the future had in store for our premature little GIRL. All of my dreams had come true....I had a little girl! Avrianna has been through alot in her life, but has overcome most of the obstacles set in her way. I am so proud to be her mom! HAPPY BIRTHDAY AVRIANNA!! I will post with pictures of her birthday party that is on Saturday! Dan and I are taking her to see High School Musical 3 on her birthday. Then I am off for awhile to go decorate her cake at my grama's. I hope I can get the look she is going for as Avrianna is having a Halloween theme birthday party with costumes and all so she wants her cake to have spiders, witches, ghosts, ect on it so I will do my best! :)

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Angoraknitter said...

Happy birthday! Wow, a Halloween theme sounds like a lot of fun.