Thursday, October 2, 2008

Scheduling Day

Well last night I decided that the Osero's are going to Florida. So I booked Dan a ticket back to Wisconsin after he helps us drive down and a flight back to help us drive back home. He's not one to sit in Florida long so he helps drive us to and fro and will spend a couple extra days with us then back home to Wisconsin where he will spend most of his time Hunting and cutting wood (his other favorite pass times). I cleared our schedules for the month of November and moved some things around to the end of October or Mid December. So after trick or treating here in WI we will head down south to the sunny state for some rest and relaxation. We will return some time mid December, just enough time for me to decorate the house for Christmas and plan Danny's birthday party. Then Jan 2nd I scheduled BOTH kids to have their surgeries..yeap you heard me right, BOTH, I know I'm Nuts. I figured with both stays being around 3-5 days lets do them at the same time. So we have it coordinated to have both kids in the same room after surgery and Dan and I will tag team them both. Recovery time for Danny's hip repositioning will be 6 weeks in a brace or 12 weeks in a cast (they won't know till they do the surgery, so cross you fingers it's the lesser of the two). Avrianna's spleen and gall bladder removal will be done laproscopically and really will have a shorter recovery time, BUT due to not having her spleen will be at EXTREME HIGH RISK for viruses, bacteria, & infection, so that's the scary part making sure she doesn't get sick cuz her body will not fight it off anymore. So being healthy around the kids will be VERY crucial!! I am planning on leaving after the surgeries and we are cleared from recovery in mid Feb to go back to Florida and hide out the cold and flu season there. I didn't think I was going to be gone that long again but I can't afford the chance of either kiddo getting sick. So my day was filled with moving appt, cancelling appt, and getting things in place for when we get down there. I am hoping with Florida getting a longer heads up they will be on their game with getting Danny's therapies up and running when we get there so there will not be any long delays between services here to down there. Well off the get Avrianna to swim lessons. Take care!

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