Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Fall Time!

We are back from The Shack and it was wonderful! The weather was great. Great to cut fire wood (thanks Chris for watching the kids for awhile so I didn't have to worry about them), have camp fires, and to just hang out. It rained one evening for maybe an hour, but other then that it was perfect fall weather. Unfortunately we missed the fall colors and pretty much everything had fallen off the trees already, but still it was beautiful. Danny did great, except for his machines during the night, but that I'll take it. For whatever reason his machines decided to routinely start going off at different times EVERY night, so I didn't sleep very well but he stayed healthy, YAY! Avrianna was not totally on her game but did very well. She seemed to be more tired and "off" but we still had a nice time. Here are some pictures of our weekend!
We gave Avrianna an early birthday present....a pink helmet so she's safe riding around on the 4 wheeler with her dad!

Thanks Uncle Tim and Amanda for Avrianna's birthday present...she already has worn the Hannah Montana PJ's, read one book to her brother, and is singing away in the microphone (she'll have to come over and sing you a concert, LOL) You will be missed at the party!
Probably should have her wear the helmet when hanging out on the CAT too, heehee. These two are two pees in a pod!

Here are some pictures of my deer hunter at heart!! :)

I know my Aunt took some great pictures too so once I get them I will post them on here too.

This morning our Adoption social worker was out for about 3 hours for our individual interviews. We need to get finger printed yet, complete a 16 hour training, and then we have 2 more home visits to have. I believe we if everything goes smoothly we are looking at getting completed with the home study process of the adoption around February. Then the waiting game to find the right match for our family. WOW how exciting!
Today during Avrianna's recess the neighbor behind us was harvesting his crops that were across the street from the house. So off she went to see if she could get a ride with him for awhile. THANKS, Allen! Avrianna just loves riding around with you!

Today Danny had Speech, Ms Maria and Mr Scott over for therapy and boy was Danny in a good mood. I think it was because Mr Scott was wearing a spider hat, heehee...I will try and get the picture that was taken, LOL. This is the last week of therapies before we leave for the sunny state. I was in contact with the teacher down in Florida today to make sure things should be in place for us when Danny gets down there. We'll see!
Well going to turn in for the evening. Hope all is well with you! Take care

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