Friday, October 3, 2008


Well yet another thing to add to the Osero family plate. The dog! Her lymes disease is acting up again so Bailey is back on her lyme medicine. Yeah a dog with Lymes, allergies and chronic ear infections but...... she's my baby. She turned 8 in September. This year she has defeinatly slowing down and she is getting so white on her face.
With us going to Florida I will need to keep her on the flea/tick stuff and heartworm pills all year long. While we were at the vets today they cleaned her ears, she got all her shots, and I had them cut her nails. She's all ready to go, she loves it down in the sunny state too.
MY babies!!

Today they called and comfirmed both surgeries on the 2nd of Jan. I'm feeling better today about it. Aniexty!!!!! I did tell Avrianna, as she heard the message on the machine, that she is also going to have surgery with her brother (THE SAME TIME & DAY) and she did VERY WELL! I'm leaving it alone. I told her and I'm very surprise with the good reaction so I'm not going to rock the boat.
Yesterday Ms Kristi (OT) came out and made a lamb out of cotton balls with Danny and he didn't seem to impressed with it. He had this face on him that something was wrong. So I got him out of his stander and Ms Kristi played with him on the floor and sang him songs. I did show her the video I made of him after his shower yesterday...he was having a blast talking up and storm and swinging his arms around. Something got him excited and I was actually able to catch it on video. If I can figure out how to get it on the computer I will share, but I'm not very computer savy (my neighbor might have to help me out on this one so bare with me, LOL). I'm so happy I was able to get it on video it's so AWESOME. Today Mr Dan (PT) is coming out to play with him. He is in a good mood now so hopefully he will want to play with Mr Dan alittle later.
Well off to clean out the basement. Have a good Friday!

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Jamie Bork said...

WOW! Poor Bailey! She looks so sad, almost like she was naughty or something. LOL! Hope all goes well with the kiddo's surgeries.