Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Shots, shots, and more shots

Yesterday's ultra sound went well. Avrianna was excited to be able to see her insides on the screen. I haven't heard as of yet how everything (liver, gall bladder, and spleen) looked but I'm pretty sure they are all alittle "off".
We came home after wards and ate a big breakfast with bacon and eggs that Dan had made for us and then completed her school work. After that Danny had speech here at the house and he did very well with them. Then off to the hospital to have PT. He did pretty well with that too. Ms Tina is trying to get him to sit straighter/more upright in his chair and he doesn't due so hot with that. I'm sure it is very discomforting with his puck getting caught up in his ribs and sitting on his hip but he will tolerate it for alittle while. His poor little face just says it all, he goes from flushed and warm to VERY pale white and cold. You have to really be watching him when he is sitting up wards as his blood pressure jumps all over the board. I see her point in getting him to sit up but really don't think it is going to be a real option as least for a LONG while.
This morning the kids and I went to see Dr Kasper for Ms Avrianna's annual physical. She is squared....45lbs and 45" high. Everything is good with her. She is very excited that she won't have to do many blood draws after the surgery. That is a BIG plus in her book. But due to having the surgery soon she needed some vaccinations today and that wasn't very high on her list today. I still think my ears are ringing, LOL. It took myself, Dr K, and the nurse to hold her down. What a strong lil thing when the anxiety kicks in. She is now vaccinated for the pnuemovax, meningitis, and the flu. She's NOT a happy camper at all. It did make her feel alittle better when she knew her brother was getting the flu and pnuemovax and I was getting the flu too but not enough for her to crack a smile. Tonight she has Pioneer's so that should get her mind off the shots.
Well off to finish her schooling. Take care!

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