Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Sleep Study

Tomorrow Danny has a sleep study done down in Milwaukee. We need to be there at 6:30pm, then they hook him up to wires and monitors, put his bipap on, lights off and no noise after 8pm. I get to sleep on a chair that converts into the most comfy bed, NOT! But I won't be sleeping on it long as they wake Danny up between 4:30-5am, poke his finger, rip off all the tape that they put on him, take off the wires in his hair and then send us off on our way which will be about 5:30-6, YIKES! So needless to say the closest Golden Arches we see we will be stopping at for lots and lots of coffee. To come home and try and strip the glue out of his hair, YUCK! I can only hope this study shows ALOT better results now that he is using the Bipap then before. Cross your fingers!!! LOL So tomorrow Danny has PT at Theda in the morning, I have a meeting at 1pm, take Avrianna to Pioneers once her schooling gets done, and then off to Milwaukee (1.5 hours away). To come home on Thursday for a long soak in the tub to try and get the glue out of Danny's hair, PT here at the house at 10am, OT at the house at 2:15 and then Avrianna to swim after schooling. Friday I will be making all the food in the morning that I need to prepare for our weekend away up North. Then this weekend I'm going to sit and relax....I hope, LOL.
Avrianna had a great time spending time over night at her Nanny's. She can't wait till she can go again.

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Tracy Sheppard said...

Glad that the sleep study went well. Those are never a good nights sleep for us for sure. Christmas cards? Girl you are good.....Think of you always and read always just don't get to sign in often. Know that Danny and the family is always in our prayers and love.