Saturday, October 4, 2008

Shower time!

Here's my lil man (bear) all cleaned up!

I wish you could here him talking with excitement. He loves his showers. I tried to take another video with my camera but that doesn't have any sound to it. I'm trying, LOL

Here he is in his Leckey bath chair!

Danny is "helping" me brush his teeth. He LOVES to bite, so I have to wait till his bite releases to finish brushing his teeth. He has one of those light up tooth brushes, he likes it.

Well here is his ITB pump - Interathecal Baclofen Pump. This "puck" was implanted almost 2 years ago. He is starting to grow into it. Laying down it isn't bad, that's why his is reclined for "space". When he sits more upright the puck gets stuck on his hip and hung up in the rib cage. From the puck runs a catheter into the spine. It was run all the way to the base of his neck but since then the cath has slipped to the mid back. The puck has a computer that administors baclofen directly into the spine helping keep his tone under control. Before this he was on ALOT of baclofen and 3 other meds to control his tone and he was SNOWED plus still spastic. I has been a god sent but also has had it's issues. The life of the pump runs anywhere from 5-7 years before it needs to be replaced again.

Nothing really planned today as yesterdays basement cleaning wiped me out. Not much but after tearing the place apart, cleaning EVERYTHING, and putting it together I was exhausted. I went to bed with such a back ache so we are laying low today. Now Avrianna has her lil getaway and play place.

I might take a run to the land and see what kind of progress is going on out there. Hope you all have a great weekend! Take care

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