Monday, October 27, 2008

Ready to Go

Sorry the late post. Boy does time get away from me! Well I tore the house apart and put it back together. It is ALL clean! The kids are all packed and ready to be in the sunny state once again. It was SNOWING outside today, yeap you heard me snowing! YUCK, we are leaving just in time. I don't like snow and cold, at all! Today I busted my butt and got pretty much everything done. I just have a few odds and ends to get together tomorrow. Danny slept today till 3 in the afternoon and went to bed with no problems at about 10:45, I am keeping my fingers crossed that he isn't brewing anything and that is was just a growth spurt (like he needs any more of those, LOL). In the morning Danny and I are heading up to Green Bay to get his pump filled with new meds and then back home to pack up in the RV then we're off. I will post once we get there and get settled in. We are planning on taking the kids trick r treating so we need to be there by Friday. Plus all of Danny's supplies, food, ect. are being shipped from WI on Wednesday so I need to beat them there as I don't want the stuff sitting outside. I hope to meet one of the Caring Bridge mom's along the way down this time in Kentucky I am excited to meet her as I know she has had a rough go of things as she lost her son this summer. I can't wait to meet her in person and let her know how much she and her son's story had inspired me and touched my heart.

Here my lil man in his new wheels. This is a Solara by Invacare. He loves blue so we had it blue this time. The additional head piece you see that wraps around the base of his head over his shoulders is called the "Hawk" head rest. I am only going to be using this one primarly when he is in therapy and they are trying to get him to use better head control. For the most part his LOVES it and so do I. Dan had to make some adjustments so that we could transport him in the van with the EZ lock system and now all is well. Avrianna keeps saying he is "handsome in his new chair". What an awesome big sister she is!!

Here's my lil birthday girl at her party. I decorated the cake for her...she loved it! The party was a fun time there ended up being 12 kids over for the "kids" party and I had them make spider bracelets out of pipe cleaners and then we had them put there hands in bags and they had to figure out what was in there ie: peeled grapes were eye balls, wet cold carrots were fingers, cooked spaghetti noodles in oil were guts, and mushed up finger jello was brains. After the games she opened her presents they all had cake and ice cream and then went downstairs to burn off some energy. It was a great time. After the kiddos left we had a second swing of party goers....a family party which we ended up having about 25 people, WOW! Dan and I made smoked turkey and roasted a ham with ALL the fixings. Just like a Thanksgiving dinner! (I said because I will be gone for turkey day that it was my thanksgiving then, LOL.)It was alot of work but it turned out to be wonderful. She's getting so big so fast, sigh!

Isn't she the best witch....we'll I'm pretty partial though.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Happy Birthday Avrianna !!

Well 6 years ago life as I knew it was going to change. At about 7:30am on October 24th my water broke 8weeks prematurely and my family life was going to start. With many unknowns of what family life was going to be like I was filled with anxiety. Knowing the "baby" (as I didn't know what the baby was) was early the picture I had in my head of the delivery wasn't to be true. There was about 8 people in the room so the whole private intimate thing went out the window. There was a team of nurses and doctors for myself and then also one for the bundle of joy as we knew she was going to need help once out in the world. The delivery went pretty well as I was smiling and joking around with family and friends (without any drugs, LOL) up until about 1 hour before the birth. I pushed for about 15 minutes and out SHE came. I at that moment 4:46pm became MOM to Avrianna Lee. It was so exciting and scary all in the same moment as we had no idea what the future had in store for our premature little GIRL. All of my dreams had come true....I had a little girl! Avrianna has been through alot in her life, but has overcome most of the obstacles set in her way. I am so proud to be her mom! HAPPY BIRTHDAY AVRIANNA!! I will post with pictures of her birthday party that is on Saturday! Dan and I are taking her to see High School Musical 3 on her birthday. Then I am off for awhile to go decorate her cake at my grama's. I hope I can get the look she is going for as Avrianna is having a Halloween theme birthday party with costumes and all so she wants her cake to have spiders, witches, ghosts, ect on it so I will do my best! :)

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Fall Time!

We are back from The Shack and it was wonderful! The weather was great. Great to cut fire wood (thanks Chris for watching the kids for awhile so I didn't have to worry about them), have camp fires, and to just hang out. It rained one evening for maybe an hour, but other then that it was perfect fall weather. Unfortunately we missed the fall colors and pretty much everything had fallen off the trees already, but still it was beautiful. Danny did great, except for his machines during the night, but that I'll take it. For whatever reason his machines decided to routinely start going off at different times EVERY night, so I didn't sleep very well but he stayed healthy, YAY! Avrianna was not totally on her game but did very well. She seemed to be more tired and "off" but we still had a nice time. Here are some pictures of our weekend!
We gave Avrianna an early birthday present....a pink helmet so she's safe riding around on the 4 wheeler with her dad!

Thanks Uncle Tim and Amanda for Avrianna's birthday present...she already has worn the Hannah Montana PJ's, read one book to her brother, and is singing away in the microphone (she'll have to come over and sing you a concert, LOL) You will be missed at the party!
Probably should have her wear the helmet when hanging out on the CAT too, heehee. These two are two pees in a pod!

Here are some pictures of my deer hunter at heart!! :)

I know my Aunt took some great pictures too so once I get them I will post them on here too.

This morning our Adoption social worker was out for about 3 hours for our individual interviews. We need to get finger printed yet, complete a 16 hour training, and then we have 2 more home visits to have. I believe we if everything goes smoothly we are looking at getting completed with the home study process of the adoption around February. Then the waiting game to find the right match for our family. WOW how exciting!
Today during Avrianna's recess the neighbor behind us was harvesting his crops that were across the street from the house. So off she went to see if she could get a ride with him for awhile. THANKS, Allen! Avrianna just loves riding around with you!

Today Danny had Speech, Ms Maria and Mr Scott over for therapy and boy was Danny in a good mood. I think it was because Mr Scott was wearing a spider hat, heehee...I will try and get the picture that was taken, LOL. This is the last week of therapies before we leave for the sunny state. I was in contact with the teacher down in Florida today to make sure things should be in place for us when Danny gets down there. We'll see!
Well going to turn in for the evening. Hope all is well with you! Take care

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Glue and more Glue

Well we made it to Milwaukee for Danny's sleep study on time......but then sat and waited for an hour before someone came into the room to start hooking Danny up. We actually hit no traffic on the way there, now that is something to write about, Yay! Danny and I sat and cuddled in the bed watching Aladdin while we waited. I was starting to put my guard on when there as they didn't seem to have their stuff together ie: running around, no one came into the room for over an hour to even acknowledge, then the orders were wrong in their system for his settings, and the glue squirted all over the pillow right next to his face (this is like super glue). But they redeemed their selves by not putting on alot of tape on him as the last time not only did he get 2 Huge pressure soars on his face from the mask but he had an allergic reaction to all the tape they have to put on his face, ugh. But not this time, Yay! Well after he was all set up he actually fell asleep sooner then normal so the testing could begin. I sat in the dark, with the hall light illuminating just enough light for me to address the Christmas card envelopes (yeap there is that OCD kicking in, heehee)so there's another project off my to due list. Yeah!! I slept like crap on those chairs, but didn't go in thinking I was going to get a good nights sleep, but at least lil man did. There were two other children that were being tested last night too, but they were not as cooperative as my angel. They were up Very Very Very early (like 1 am and didn't fall back asleep, so they left around 2-3 as they were making alot of noise.) But lil man didn't hear it so he slept through it all, Yay! They woke us up at 5:30 and by 6 we were on the road. Boy I can't believe the traffic at that hour of the morning in Milwaukee, good thing we don't drive that every day, YUCK! I should get the results in about a week. He seemed to do ok, but I don't see or hear any of the monitors so really won't know till I talk with the doctor. The tech did mention he "paused" just a few times, but recovered quickly so maybe he is starting to have central apnea, we'll see what the doc has to say. We got home and I had to wash his hair three times and there is STILL glue in there, ugh. It should be all out by tomorrow. No red marks or pressure soars either so I'm one happy momma!
Physical therapy was already at the house at 10 this morning and we are waiting for OT around 2. So in the mean time I am making all the dips and some of the meals ahead of time for our trip up North. I'm hoping the weather corporates with us.
Oh yeah the wheelchair. ...... it's here but not all the right pieces came in so Danny still can't use it yet. I had this misconception that a wheelchair is a wheelchair, until the new one came in my door. It was like seeing his first one all over again and all those emotions. This one is so much bigger and we needed to get alot of special pieces for Danny as he is becoming more complicated, sigh! So it's been another adjustment on my part, but I'll get over it as long as he is comfortable and I can get him around comfortably. I will post pictures when it is all set up and right for him.
Please take a few and stop by Angel Lilie's would have been her 2nd birthday! What an awesome family! Happy Birthday Lilie!!!!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Sleep Study

Tomorrow Danny has a sleep study done down in Milwaukee. We need to be there at 6:30pm, then they hook him up to wires and monitors, put his bipap on, lights off and no noise after 8pm. I get to sleep on a chair that converts into the most comfy bed, NOT! But I won't be sleeping on it long as they wake Danny up between 4:30-5am, poke his finger, rip off all the tape that they put on him, take off the wires in his hair and then send us off on our way which will be about 5:30-6, YIKES! So needless to say the closest Golden Arches we see we will be stopping at for lots and lots of coffee. To come home and try and strip the glue out of his hair, YUCK! I can only hope this study shows ALOT better results now that he is using the Bipap then before. Cross your fingers!!! LOL So tomorrow Danny has PT at Theda in the morning, I have a meeting at 1pm, take Avrianna to Pioneers once her schooling gets done, and then off to Milwaukee (1.5 hours away). To come home on Thursday for a long soak in the tub to try and get the glue out of Danny's hair, PT here at the house at 10am, OT at the house at 2:15 and then Avrianna to swim after schooling. Friday I will be making all the food in the morning that I need to prepare for our weekend away up North. Then this weekend I'm going to sit and relax....I hope, LOL.
Avrianna had a great time spending time over night at her Nanny's. She can't wait till she can go again.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Night Out!

I got to get out of the house tonight for 5 hours with NO kids. WOW! It was great and now refreshed to take it all on again. I went out to the monthly support group in my local area called Parent 4 Parent hosted thru the Easter Seals program. I have been going there for the last 3yrs. It was great! Alot of moms had shown up this time and even a new mom. It is great getting together with them.......some of us even got together alittle earlier and met for a taco bar and happy hour before the meeting. It was so nice to get out and not have all the worries and attention when the kids are with... to just sit back and RELAX for awhile. Avrianna went with my mom (Nanny's)for the night. They are going to hang out tomorrow for a girls day! Dan and Danny were chilln out listening to music and watching tv tonight. Danny even managed to give his Daddy a present while I was gone......a stinky one, heehee! I didn't even have to plan it, LOL!
Avrianna's labs and ultrasound came out ok. So she must be fighting something off and so far her body is doing what it's suppose to. I don't have one of the test results back yet, to see how well her body is reproducing new blood cells, but I should have it by tomorrow.
Tomorrow I am going to get started on Christmas wrapping, yes this too goes with me "OCD", LOL, and I have most of the shopping done I just have to wrap it and sort them out. I should get a good start to it with Avrianna gone for the day tomorrow. Then I can get a good feel of what I need to get yet. One Question for all of you Wii players out there. I am thinking about getting this for our BIG family gift and I have no clue what's what with video games...any advise?
This weekend we plan on going up North with my Aunt and Uncle to show them "the Shack" that Dan talks so highly about. He really loves it up there....God's country!
Hope you are going well. Take care!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Color is off ?!?

All day today Ms Avrianna's color has gotten more pale. I took her to the fall fest this morning at a local park where she was able to play with some friends, paint a pumpkin, and draw some pictures. After that we went to the store to pick out a birthday present for one of her friends. I noticed her pale skin and a blister starting on her lip when we got out of the van to go shopping. We came home after shopping to eat some lunch and she ate really well and had energy still so I let her go next door to the birthday party for alittle while. She had fun but I did notice she was still getting pale and now she was an emotional thing so I knew she was getting tired. We took a ride down to the new house site to see how that was going and take some more pictures....the basement is being poured. Yay! Dan and I decided to take the kids to go see the movie Wall E as Avrianna has been asking forever. This was Danny second show at the theaters and he enjoyed it... smiling and even was chatting it up a lil bit (I had to have a talk with him and let him know he can't talk in there as others were trying to watch the movie too, LOL). Avrianna liked the movie too but about half way through she said her tummy was starting to hurt, ugh. She fell asleep on the way home from the movies....about 8pm which is totally NOT her, sigh. So I've emailed Dr K to get his opinion and we'll see how she is in the morning. I will try to post in the morning to let you guys know how she is. Probably bought herself at the very least a blood count tomorrow at the hospital.

Friday, October 10, 2008


What an AWESOME company! They really truely care about the well being of our kiddos.
Just wanted to share...please click on My New Normal to the left on the sites I follow. What a wonderful story to share!!! Lil Makily is getting her safe bed, finally. People just are not that nice these days especially when dealing with $'s and handicap equipment, so wanted to share! Please read it. I am so happy for them, her mom has fought so hard for this bed and has been denied many many times.
Not too much to report here. But just wanted to share a good act of kindness for once.
Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh yeah - Danny gets his new wheels today! I will post pictures after they bring it over.
Take care! Don't count the days......Make the days COUNT!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Shots, shots, and more shots

Yesterday's ultra sound went well. Avrianna was excited to be able to see her insides on the screen. I haven't heard as of yet how everything (liver, gall bladder, and spleen) looked but I'm pretty sure they are all alittle "off".
We came home after wards and ate a big breakfast with bacon and eggs that Dan had made for us and then completed her school work. After that Danny had speech here at the house and he did very well with them. Then off to the hospital to have PT. He did pretty well with that too. Ms Tina is trying to get him to sit straighter/more upright in his chair and he doesn't due so hot with that. I'm sure it is very discomforting with his puck getting caught up in his ribs and sitting on his hip but he will tolerate it for alittle while. His poor little face just says it all, he goes from flushed and warm to VERY pale white and cold. You have to really be watching him when he is sitting up wards as his blood pressure jumps all over the board. I see her point in getting him to sit up but really don't think it is going to be a real option as least for a LONG while.
This morning the kids and I went to see Dr Kasper for Ms Avrianna's annual physical. She is squared....45lbs and 45" high. Everything is good with her. She is very excited that she won't have to do many blood draws after the surgery. That is a BIG plus in her book. But due to having the surgery soon she needed some vaccinations today and that wasn't very high on her list today. I still think my ears are ringing, LOL. It took myself, Dr K, and the nurse to hold her down. What a strong lil thing when the anxiety kicks in. She is now vaccinated for the pnuemovax, meningitis, and the flu. She's NOT a happy camper at all. It did make her feel alittle better when she knew her brother was getting the flu and pnuemovax and I was getting the flu too but not enough for her to crack a smile. Tonight she has Pioneer's so that should get her mind off the shots.
Well off to finish her schooling. Take care!

Monday, October 6, 2008

Busy, Busy

I guess I am going to make up for tomorrow, LOL. Avrianna and I have to be at the hospital by 7:30am for her ultrasound on her gall bladder and spleen. The doctors want one done before they remove them, not sure why, but whatever. Avrianna is anxious as she knows she can't eat or drink ANYTHING now till after the ultrasound. So Dan told her he was going to have a big breakfast spread waiting for her when we get home. So the boys are going to get ready for the day by themselves...oh no watch out for the flannels, heehee.
After that Danny has speech at the house from 2:15-3:15 and then Physical therapy at the hospital from 4-5. Danny will be wiped by dinner that's for sure. Don't forget getting Avrianna's schooling done in there. She is doing SOOOO well with the 1st grade curriculum. I'm so proud of her, I think at the rate she is going she'll be starting some 2nd grade "fun" stuff before the spring starts. Then we are meeting a good family friend out for dinner at Hu Hot....MMMMMMMMMMMMMM.
Well probably won't get a chance to post tomorrow, but you never know!
Found this on another kiddos site and just LOVE it.... Don't count the days, make the days COUNT!
Take care


Me AGAIN! Wow three posts in one day, wooooh. We met with the adoption social worker and she was very nice. I think it's going to be a great match! She is very accommodating with our families life style and she's very easy to talk to. I hope and pray this process goes alot smoother then the last attempt. She seems VERY sincere in helping us match up with a child for our family. I'm SOOOOOOOOOOOO excited to be on this journey again. Avrianna was so happy to see her too as Avrianna knows that this lady is going to help her get a (sister she hopes) sibling. Thanks for all of your support with making our dream of a bigger family come true. Well off to make dinner just wanted to fill you in. It's a GREAT day!

Unfortunatly Danny was sick last Monday and Mr. Dan (PT) was sick today so yet another Monday Danny didn't make it to water therapy. Cross you fingers it works for next Monday! Danny's new wheelchair and floor sitter are going to be delivered here at the house on Friday, during PT so Mr Dan can see his new wheels and talk with Becky about it.
Take care!

Surgery Change

Ok another spare of the moment thing, I'm know for that! Both surgeries are now scheduled for December 12th at 7:30am. It actually works out better this way for everyone, except lil man is going to be in his brace/cast for his 5th Birthday and Christmas. I'm hoping I don't have to change schedules again but for now the official word it the 12th. I will keep you posted with that!
Sorry another short post but the adoption social worker will be here shortly so need to get going.


Short update. Everything is well here. Here is the link to the article they did on my friendship with Connie in the post crescent.

This afternoon is our first home study meeting with the Adoption agency. I will update later tonight or tomorrow. Hope you enjoy reading the article. Take care!

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Nailpoilsh Nightmare!

Ok here's a riddle for you...what's blue, fuzzy, and smells.

It's my carpet!!! UGH I didn't specify to stay seated and shake the polish. Avrianna was walking around and the bottle it the corner of the wall and exploded. These are picutres of the child all cleaned up, the "favorite" high school musical outfit before it got thrown out, after I cleaned up the walls and wood work in the hallway, and cleaned the bathroom. WOW - how does one bottle of polish make such a mess. These spots are after me scrubbing the carpet for 45 minutes with polish remover, vinegar, hairspray, and resolve. No go! I still have the stain and now the house REALLY stinks. My finger are raw as of course I didn't think to put gloves on. I'm Done! I'm Tired! I'm afraid to ask WHAT MORE? So I put everything away, we are dishing up some ice cream, and were going to watch a movie in bed. I'll give Dan and call and let him stew over it so when he gets home (whenever that may be) he'll be cooled off. As I was scrubbing away Avrianna drew me this picture and left for me to see.

I will translate as she was so upset so didn't know what to do. It says : I am really really sorry with her signature heart. How can you be mad at that? Mistakes happen. But I'm not going to like the carpet bill :(
I made it to the house project on our way to our Walmart run and our basement is dug. Yay!
Movie is about to start so TTYL. Take care

Shower time!

Here's my lil man (bear) all cleaned up!

I wish you could here him talking with excitement. He loves his showers. I tried to take another video with my camera but that doesn't have any sound to it. I'm trying, LOL

Here he is in his Leckey bath chair!

Danny is "helping" me brush his teeth. He LOVES to bite, so I have to wait till his bite releases to finish brushing his teeth. He has one of those light up tooth brushes, he likes it.

Well here is his ITB pump - Interathecal Baclofen Pump. This "puck" was implanted almost 2 years ago. He is starting to grow into it. Laying down it isn't bad, that's why his is reclined for "space". When he sits more upright the puck gets stuck on his hip and hung up in the rib cage. From the puck runs a catheter into the spine. It was run all the way to the base of his neck but since then the cath has slipped to the mid back. The puck has a computer that administors baclofen directly into the spine helping keep his tone under control. Before this he was on ALOT of baclofen and 3 other meds to control his tone and he was SNOWED plus still spastic. I has been a god sent but also has had it's issues. The life of the pump runs anywhere from 5-7 years before it needs to be replaced again.

Nothing really planned today as yesterdays basement cleaning wiped me out. Not much but after tearing the place apart, cleaning EVERYTHING, and putting it together I was exhausted. I went to bed with such a back ache so we are laying low today. Now Avrianna has her lil getaway and play place.

I might take a run to the land and see what kind of progress is going on out there. Hope you all have a great weekend! Take care

Friday, October 3, 2008


Well yet another thing to add to the Osero family plate. The dog! Her lymes disease is acting up again so Bailey is back on her lyme medicine. Yeah a dog with Lymes, allergies and chronic ear infections but...... she's my baby. She turned 8 in September. This year she has defeinatly slowing down and she is getting so white on her face.
With us going to Florida I will need to keep her on the flea/tick stuff and heartworm pills all year long. While we were at the vets today they cleaned her ears, she got all her shots, and I had them cut her nails. She's all ready to go, she loves it down in the sunny state too.
MY babies!!

Today they called and comfirmed both surgeries on the 2nd of Jan. I'm feeling better today about it. Aniexty!!!!! I did tell Avrianna, as she heard the message on the machine, that she is also going to have surgery with her brother (THE SAME TIME & DAY) and she did VERY WELL! I'm leaving it alone. I told her and I'm very surprise with the good reaction so I'm not going to rock the boat.
Yesterday Ms Kristi (OT) came out and made a lamb out of cotton balls with Danny and he didn't seem to impressed with it. He had this face on him that something was wrong. So I got him out of his stander and Ms Kristi played with him on the floor and sang him songs. I did show her the video I made of him after his shower yesterday...he was having a blast talking up and storm and swinging his arms around. Something got him excited and I was actually able to catch it on video. If I can figure out how to get it on the computer I will share, but I'm not very computer savy (my neighbor might have to help me out on this one so bare with me, LOL). I'm so happy I was able to get it on video it's so AWESOME. Today Mr Dan (PT) is coming out to play with him. He is in a good mood now so hopefully he will want to play with Mr Dan alittle later.
Well off to clean out the basement. Have a good Friday!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Scheduling Day

Well last night I decided that the Osero's are going to Florida. So I booked Dan a ticket back to Wisconsin after he helps us drive down and a flight back to help us drive back home. He's not one to sit in Florida long so he helps drive us to and fro and will spend a couple extra days with us then back home to Wisconsin where he will spend most of his time Hunting and cutting wood (his other favorite pass times). I cleared our schedules for the month of November and moved some things around to the end of October or Mid December. So after trick or treating here in WI we will head down south to the sunny state for some rest and relaxation. We will return some time mid December, just enough time for me to decorate the house for Christmas and plan Danny's birthday party. Then Jan 2nd I scheduled BOTH kids to have their surgeries..yeap you heard me right, BOTH, I know I'm Nuts. I figured with both stays being around 3-5 days lets do them at the same time. So we have it coordinated to have both kids in the same room after surgery and Dan and I will tag team them both. Recovery time for Danny's hip repositioning will be 6 weeks in a brace or 12 weeks in a cast (they won't know till they do the surgery, so cross you fingers it's the lesser of the two). Avrianna's spleen and gall bladder removal will be done laproscopically and really will have a shorter recovery time, BUT due to not having her spleen will be at EXTREME HIGH RISK for viruses, bacteria, & infection, so that's the scary part making sure she doesn't get sick cuz her body will not fight it off anymore. So being healthy around the kids will be VERY crucial!! I am planning on leaving after the surgeries and we are cleared from recovery in mid Feb to go back to Florida and hide out the cold and flu season there. I didn't think I was going to be gone that long again but I can't afford the chance of either kiddo getting sick. So my day was filled with moving appt, cancelling appt, and getting things in place for when we get down there. I am hoping with Florida getting a longer heads up they will be on their game with getting Danny's therapies up and running when we get there so there will not be any long delays between services here to down there. Well off the get Avrianna to swim lessons. Take care!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008


This is a plaque in my living room and I just love it! So true. I came across it ironically on my VERY first girls night(a couple of years ago with a few of my special need mom friends) up in Door County. I saw it and just had to have it.

To go with that saying this morning my lovely daughter wakes up (quietly as we slept together in my bed cuz Daddy's gone, heehee), went into the kitchen and got a pumpkin muffin out put frosting on it and brought it to me for breakfast. What a sweet thing....:) I'm thinking to myself ok what did she do or what does she want, LOL. She made me this picture too in art.

Here she is sporting off her lost tooth.

Today Mr Don, Danny's mobility therapist came out to check out Danny and brought out some new swirly pads to put in his light box. He loves looking at them.

Thanks Ms Debbie for ordering them and Mr. Don for bringing them out!

Today I was able to go out and watch the blasting of on our land....Not only did I watch it the guy let me push the button to blow it up, WOW!!!! I know I seem like a lil kid but it was awesome. Not like I will have a chance to see or do that again. I did take some pictures but I didn't get the full effect as it happen SO fast I wasn't ready. Here they are drilling about 75 holes into the rock where they then put the explosives down. Once the holes were done there was lil yellow wires all over the place. They hooked up two wires to this lil box and I just had to push it. Then the rock and dirt flew up 20-30ft in the air and landed nicely in a pile. I was so glad I got to see it....I left the kids in the van just in case rocks came flying and Avrianna was thrilled to see everything in the air. Here are some pictures This one nothing done to it

Here where you see white is the area where all the holes/explosives are

I didn't get the rock and dirt in the air, but just invision seeing solid rock where the smoke was so cool!

Here is the pile of rocks that was left after the smoke and dust settled

This is one of the holes they drill. All morning they drill all these holes for in a matter of 1 second its all over with but the rock pile! Heehee
Well off to take Ms Avrianna to Pioneer's. Take care!