Monday, May 31, 2010

Our first year of Gardening

The beginnings of a garden

Our does he work us and boy is he picky, LOL

Let the planting begin! We have sweet corn, bell peppers, habenaro peppers, hot banana peppers, dill, onions, cucumbers, pickling cucumbers, acorn squash, butternut squash, yellow squash, zucchine, peas, beans, strawberries and lets not forget the tomatoes. Phew ~ I'm exhausted!
Learning from the professionals, my grandparents
And my mom got her hands dirty too :)
It's been a busy weekend but very productive. Avrianna had 3 friends sleep over last night so I ended up with with having 5 kids in the house. The more the merry I always say! The pool and hot tub got a run for their money this weekend too. Avrianna is beat from going tubing at her friends yesterday, then in the pool in the evening and all day today with her friends, and I'm sure they didn't go right to bed. It's 5:30 and she is crashed out on the couch already. This from a girl who hasn't napped since she was 1. Oh yeah, that's right she's NOT TIRED, LOL ~ proof

I hope everyone had a SAFE and Happy Memorial Day!

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Anonymous said...

Just a bit of advice: You need a fence for your garden or you will lose everything to the deer!! A TALL fence, electrified if possible. It looks like you have a short fence, which is good for keeping out the rabbits(essential too), but you really need deer fencing too. I assume you have deer around you there in Wisconsin? I live in Minnesota, and have had to resort to four or five lines of electric fence six feet tall....they went through(or over!) everything else I tried!