Sunday, May 30, 2010

In a black cloud there IS a Silver Lining

We are still in limbo mode for setting up a new date for Danny's spinal fusion n rod surgery. The powers at be that would like to speak with me before rescheduling haven't contacted me as of yet. Which is ok by me, for now.... as we wouldn't have been able to enjoy this ~

Here's our 60x40 garden we're Dan says go BIG or go home, LOL. So you all know what will keep me busy this summer n fall. Hoping I get as least half of the green thumb my Great Grandparents The NaGreen's had.
And yes I did learn to work the John Deer, so I'm now officially a tractor babe....heehee. Not only can I work the bucket but I've gotten a few hours behind me on the lawn mower attachment.
Now this is serious, LOL! Farmer Dan ~
I will keep you in the loop for when we reschedule the surgery. I will update later as I found out I will be getting the family pictures we had taken a few weeks ago, so I'll be able to share more of those with you tonight or tomorrow.
Please don't forget to fly those flags this weekend. THANK YOU to ALL the veterans out there for putting you lives on the line to make our country a better place. Happy Memorial Day! Be safe ~ and never forget.

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ANewKindOfPerfect said...

First off, he looks ADORABLE floating in the pool! :)

Your backyard is amazing. That garden site is AWESOME! I am super jealous. I think my entire backyard is the size of the garden. Have fun with it, and way to go Tractor Mama!! ;)