Friday, May 14, 2010

Resting well

Danny has been up and alert for about two hours. He is doing great! He's got a red eye, well under his eye which I assume is from tape, UGH! He is off the vent now, he is being fed and tolerating that well. The nurse just pulled out his foley :). He still has two IV sites, both in his left foot one on top of another. There is a bruise that has started on his left clavical but that's due to the intense pressure to stop the the point of no circulation for 10 minutes. The xray they took shows the hole in his artery did close and they will take another xray in the morning to make sure it stayed closed and that no clot has decided to move. He is chilln out watching tv wondering when we are going to get out of here. I've chilled out myself now if I could get rid of this intense headache, but now that my blood pressure isn't boiling anymore I'm hoping it will go away. I'm just happy my son is here with us and doing well. I'm think he's wondering what all the fuss is about, LOL. I posted some pics of him on FB as I can't do it on the blog from my phone. Thanks again for all you support! We are so lucky to have you guys to be there for us and help pull us up.


Julie said...


I'm so glad things are better now than they were this morning. I know you were disappointed that the surgery didn't happen - and furious about the other screw-ups that were made - but this post sounds like things have settled a bit. I hope ya'll get out of there soon. You need to re-charge before heading back in a couple of weeks. Give Danny a big hug from Brianna and her Grandma.

Anonymous said...

Thank God that Danny has you Lori as his wonderful advocate.
I'm shocked and disappointed at the outcome to-day.
I know how much it takes to get into the mindset for a surgery of this magnitude and I feel your pain.
Hoping things remain stable now until you're able to get the back surgery over and done with.
Best of luck lil man!