Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Pre-op appts

Yesterday's appt went very well considering how the morning had gone. We had to have Danny on Oxygen 4 liters to get him to sat around 90 on the drive down there. At one point I was wondering what was the point of driving down there as I knew they were going to just send us home. I think Danny likes to just keep me on my toes.
First we went into see the anesthesia pre-op nurse. She was wonderful with Danny! He managed to behave himself and didn't need any oxygen. He did have a few spells of retching, but it was due to him being vented as it was really windy yesterday and with him being continuously fed he tends to get alil more air in his tummy. I could tell she and other docs were a bit concerned with proceeding with surgery the way Danny is. BUT they did a slew of blood work, urine testing, I agreed to have an xray done 2 days before, so if anything comes up funny I will call it off. Even though I don't want to see my Lil Man go through another surgery I am FULLY prepared and ready for it so to postpone it would be awful.
Here are some of the pre-op images taken yesterday.
To the left shows his 80 degree bend all in the lumbar area. Here you can see the right side VERY scrunched and the "puck" sitting very well in the area. To the right....there were two radiologists one on each side with paddles and they pushed up again his bend to manipulate his bend as straight as possible (don't worry it only bothered me as Danny had a smile on his face the whole time). This is what they are hoping to achieve during surgery. Look at how long his body is now and all the room his "puck" and organs now have. For this reason alone I am excited to have the surgery done.

He should sit better in his chair, be able to take deeper breathes, have better bowel and urinary control, and have less discomfort on his left hip/ribs because of the "puck" rubbing on them. I don't want to see him go through this surgery BUT I do, does that make sense. This will be the BIGGEST surgery of his life not only in length of surgery but I'm hoping for the biggest improvement on quality of life for him. While he is under the ENT is going to go in and do a bronc to double check everything is going well with his trache.

Here he is smiling after he had a HUGE blow out in the Ortho surgeons office, LOL. He was VERY proud of himself. My last picture of him smiling WITH front teeth.

Then he was off to the dentist........4 teeth were extracted. UGH! Once again he did ALOT better then me, LOL. He was a trooper :) My piranha no more.....for awhile at least. CHEEZ!

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ANewKindOfPerfect said...

That is quite a curve, and what a difference in the two pictures! I hope that nothing interferes with his surgery coming up and he gets tons of relief from it. It will be rough for sure but it certainly has the possibility of making an amazing difference for him.

And how cute is that toothless grin? I hope the tooth fair comes tonite!