Friday, May 14, 2010

Surgery has begun

Danny was taken into surgery at 7:45am. We started the morning off well so I feel better that we started off on the right foot. They decided to put in a central line to better monitor him and to have direct access for blood transfusions and meds. They are going to be taking out his Trache and replacing it with a cuffed type so there is no air leakage during the surgery. The ENT is going first to do a deep cleaning of his right ear and to bronc him, just making sure everything healed from the Trache surgery a year ago. Then the grooling back surgery shall begin. That surgery alone will take approx 7 hours. I've been told not to worry when I do see him, as his eyes n face will be very swollen from laying on his tummy for so long during surgery. They are going to update us approx every 2 hrs so I'll update you as I find things out. Unfortunately my blog will not allow me to update via computer, BUT I can update via my phone. So sorry if it's short n sweet or if things are no right as I'm not good at typing with this phone yet.
UPDATE already. ENT is done. Ear is ok but not great cuz of constant drainage. The doc thinks he will always be battling this. The Trache looks awesome and the bronc shows everything loons good down there. They are putting in more lines right now and repositioning him. I will keep you posted as I hear more

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