Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Competing with Wildlife

Ok the morning after planting our garden and................................

ALL the tomato plants have been chewed. I guess the deer like tomatoes too, grrrrr! The good thing is that the tomato plants are the only thing that they ate.
So today Dan and I worked on putting this up............ 6' fence!
Then I had to cover my strawberries as the birds were gutsy enough to land and pick off the red ones right in front of us. grrrrrrr!
Well I guess the wildlife thinks I have a buffet right here in my back yard. I can only hope our efforts to keep our garden safe make a difference.
Yesterday Avrianna wanted to make dinner by HERSELF. So she chose to make us Mac n she is hard at work. Her first stove top meal that she did independently......ok stop growing UP!
The end of the school is coming on Friday and I'm sure it is going to be a bitter sweet thing for Avrianna as I know she is looking forward to more sleep and play time but she's gotten quite attached to her teacher Mrs. Kubiak. Many a tear will fall you can bet on that one. I do have to say she is a fabulous teacher she made the transition from home schooling to public school very easy on, not only Avrianna but myself. Thank You Mrs Kubiak for a wonderful school year!
Well I feel as if the vultures are out to get us with the whole spine surgery thing. I received an email yesterday morning with some of the newest developments in regards to rescheduling the procedure from the orthopedic surgeon. His thoughts were that maybe we should consider a different approach to Danny's kyphoscoliosis instead of the spinal fusion which would be going with the VEPTR. This was an option that was toyed around with in the early stages of the curve but this Jan I was told due to the severity of the curve (80 degrees) and because the curve was so low in his lumbar it wasn't an option for him any longer. So now I'm very confused! I'm trying to figure out if Danny's best interest is being thought of here or is it due to someone trying to cover their own @$$. I'm not sure what's going on but I have alot of questions that need to be answered. I've sent out my questions and thoughts in regards to this newest idea to the doctors involved to see what kind of answers I get from them. I'm at a total loss for words as why something flat out wouldn't work in Jan but now it does. Is it because I pissed n moaned enough about care and quality of life that there is such a turn around. From the research I've done it does in deed show to improve chest capacity and scoliosis but in the mid to upper spine not the lower levels such as Danny's as you can see from the xray and picture of him sitting up (straight for him)and Danny's chest capacity is really fine. Yes, this VEPTR is a shorter surgery and less blood loss, BUT if it won't improve Danny's issues I'm not going to proceed just to make someone else feel warm n fuzzy. So more research goes into this, before decisions are made. We will put our heads together to find the RIGHT decision for Danny.
For now we are enjoying our family being healthy and happy plus the warm weather has helped out alot too :)
Today I had an appt with a Chiropratic Neurologist about my MS. I'm very excited to start the process of unwrapping some of the hidden medical issues that could be helping to feed my MS. I'm hoping to find some answers that could help me help slow down the debilitating process of this disease.....instead of throwing med after med at it with no real results. Not only is he a dedicated physician but he also has MS himself so there is this connection that what I'm saying he truly understands. I have another appt with him next week to see about starting all of the testing, wish me luck for much needed answers!

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ANewKindOfPerfect said...

You have a hard decision to make, I hope that you can get some straight answers from the doctors to make the best decision. I know you will not rest until you do!

What a bummer about everyone trying to eat your new garden! I hope the fences and such keep the animals all away. :)