Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The cone of Shame, LOL

It's never a dull moment around here :)

Well Ms B (aka Bailey) some how bent one of her dew claws on Wednesday. So Thursday morning I brought her into the vet..........yeap she had surgery to have both side removed, seeing she was a "repeat offender" of the dew claw. She did great in surgery....they did find a heart murmur and an inhalation defibulation with her heart (meaning her heart beat faster when she breathes in), but she's going to be 10 in Sept so I'm not surprised her system has some issues. We got to pick her up at 4 in the afternoon the day of surgery and she was loopy, poor thing

Saturday I was able to take off her bandages. I thought something was going to be up with the left side as Friday evening she was acting like she was in alot of discomfort and not putting pressure down. When I took the bandage off it was still actively bleeding , swollen, and had some green/yellow goo coming out, sigh. Back to the vet we went Saturday morning......she has an infection, UGH. They put her on another antibiotic, more pain killers, and re wrapped the wound on just the one side as the right side is doing great.
This is the "good" side. I was amazed at how many staples they use and such a big incision for just a dew claw

So on Monday I was able to take off the left side was still bleeding and not looking right. BACK AGAIN to the vet we went. She needed 2 more staples added (unbelievable that she allowed them to do that with no numbing stuff), it still looked infected and was still bleeding. Of course she showed her true licking abilities when the bandage was off at the vet so on came "the cone of shame", LOL.

Bailey in NOT liking the cone on, but seems to be adjusting. She'll ram everyone and anyone with that thing in hopes that someone will take it off, poor thing. I will take it off for her to eat and drink, but other then that she has proved not to be trusted as she'll lick at the sites, UGH!!!!! We have to go back on the 14th (if everything goes well and we're not back before) to have the staples removed.
It's always something, right?
In talking with other parents and with some of Danny's doctors........I do feel the VETPR2 is going to be the best route for Danny at this time. Not only will it allow for him to finish growing it is a shorter surgery that will hopefully be less stress on his body. The surgery scheduler is looking at when we can get Danny in as I would like it to be within the month. I am hoping that way he will be nearing the end of his recovery when school starts next year. I will keep you all posted on when it's going to be.
Avrianna has been a busy lil girl with trying to figure out what to do with this summer break. She's done alot of playing with her friends. We've made a chore/attitude chart for her summer break in hopes to continue structure and education during this time off, let's hope it works. I was very impressed with her willingness to add things to the list and her help in making the rewards if things are complete plus the penalties when things are not done. Next week Avrianna will start the summer school program from 12-3 Mon-Thurs for 3 weeks with Drama (boy is summer school different from when I was a kid...then it was like a penalty not doing all the fun classes). She also starts her Friday Go Girl Go class through the park n rec which is designed for girls in 3-6 grade to have fun and help them with making "good" decisions. In the middles of July she will be going to a Girl Scout Camp for one week, going back n forth except the last day she will be sleeping over. She's very excited to go as one of the neighbor girls and fellow brownie members will be attending it with her.

Our dedicated the pouring rain replanting more tomato plants, LOL. It's been very cool and rainy around here the last week. Which has made for wonderful garden growth. There are flowers and sprouts coming up everywhere. Plus the fence as (so far) worked in keeping the ever hungry wildlife out. Woot Woot!

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ANewKindOfPerfect said...

Poor Bailey! Our dog had the cone of shame recently for a surgery, they sure do hate that! :) I hope his paw heals up quickly, that sounds ick!

I'm glad you have come to a decision about Danny's surgery. I hope they can get him in quickly and he does well!