Sunday, June 27, 2010

Nothing Goes Smoothly

Last night the kids and I went to WIR to watch Dan race. There was a big show with jet cars and Fireworks at the end. We took our neighbors with us too, we all had a great time! Danny was a trooper and had a great time, not to mention he was a popular attraction with the girls, as always LOL
Danny helping Mom out stage the car for Dad :) He's sooooo cool!
Dan's first burn out
Dan's second n last of the night burn out. Unfortunately he broke out (went faster then he said the car was going to go) by .007 of a second. It was so close, but hey it was a good race :)

Danny watching his newest Girl ~ Jill
His first Jet car experience! He did pretty good, he only "spooked" when the car went I'm sure he felt it pass. I had ear plug and ear muffs on so the noise didn't bother him at all :)

Jill ~ "The Queen of Diamonds" ~ her jet car did 299 mph

Danny sporting his autographed pic of "The Queen of Diamonds"
Avrianna has been excited for many years to drive a Jr Dragster (mom's still not on board for this yet). So to see a local dragster driver that is a girl (not to mention the Jet drag driver was a woman too) Avrianna was stoked! Here she is with the neighbor girls and Nikki Londerville
Now this didn't help matters either ~ LOL. Thanks Nikki!

Dan's Cheer leading squad in the stands, heehee

Danny got his newest walking sling ~ I LOVE IT! Looks like he is going to go parachuting. I'm READY!

I can sit him up tall

Standing.........Really Mom, do I have to? I can't believe how tall he it.

OK Mom, are we done yet?
Must be genetic.....the attitude. Not sure where my kids get that, LOL

As of today the surgery is still schedule for July 13th at 10:15am down at Children's Hospital, and we are going to have a PICC line put in here at the local hospital the day before. Hoping to resolve any hiccups that day of surgery. BUT if the labs Dr K took on Friday come out funny then the deal is off. Leave it to MY SON to throw and curve ball at us in the last inning. He has been developing Petechiae in multiple areas of his body. Mostly where he has pressure contact but none the less something not normal with Danny. We need to rule out the serious reasons for him to get it. Right now the only flag if you would call it a flag is his platelets are alil low (not terribly low, but low). We are awaiting his PT & PTT results which will show Danny's clotting ability, if that is off then I'm sure EVERYTHING is off. We should hear from Dr K with the results tomorrow. I will keep you all posted
Dr K. ~ Love this picture of Dr. K pondering on Lil Man..... Hmmmmm, Danny!

He has veins, right?
Dr. Kasper hanging out with his Biggest fan ~ trouble is with DOUBLE trouble, I'll let you guys figure out who is who, LOL

I was on a mission the other day..... A FB friend was inquiring about a few of the things in a picture that she saw that Danny uses. So on here and on FB I updated Danny's equipment. That was so much fun and it was way over due. I didn't think it was going to spark such an interest with my SN families. I'm so glad I was able to help out and spark some ideas with them. I LOVE it when I can do some good and help out.
Today we were suppose to get our family pictures retaken. Key word here is "suppose to"! Avrianna woke up on the wrong side of the bed today and EVERYTHING wasn't right with her, the hair, the make-up, the earring, the outfit, etc...which then put her in a tail spin of hysterical crying. So much for pictures! I cancelled as I didn't want to waste the photographers time coming over to the house and have Avrianna look like hell from crying so much. It was suppose to rain and be crappy, BUT of course the sun was out the whole time our pictures were scheduled for. I could just cry, I'm so disappointed as I really wanted FAMILY pics done. Now I can just hope that we can coordinate something before the surgery. UGH!!!! My head feels as if it's going to explode this afternoon.........hmmm, can't figure out why? LOL! Maybe I should have just stuck with dogs, heehee. It's just the way things roll around here, NOT SMOOTHLY
On too dogs ~ Bailey has been cone free for just over 24 hours. Yippee!!!! I think we're all excited about that. She hasn't touched her legs since I took the cone off, I guess she got the hint!

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ANewKindOfPerfect said...

How fun does that race look! I love that Avrianna got to sit in the race car. :)

The standing sling looks really cool. Danny is very tall!