Tuesday, June 22, 2010

BACK on!

Look at this SMILE! Danny is doing so well and he has been in such a good mood.....I'm LOVING IT! (knock on wood)

Lately every time I take Danny outside a bee thinks it won the lottery with Danny's flower on the wheelchair. REALLY, and they are suppose to be smart?

I got confirmation yesterday Danny is having the VEPTR2 back surgery on July 13th around 10:15am. This surgery is "suppose" to be less traumatic on Danny and still have good benefits. This one has significant differences from the first surgery we almost did.....time of surgery is around 2 hours vs 8 and Danny's blood loss is alot less during surgery. We are still working diligently with the powers that be at CHOW to get all the loose ends together, but I think we are headed in the right direction. I'm excited and freaking all at the same time. I am very glad the surgery was able to be done before the beginning of school for next year. So the brunt of the recovery for Danny should be over with once we start his therapies back up. I'm freaking out, as most of you all know it's been one thing after the other once we step in that hospital, sigh......BUT I'm hoping for a better experience this time. Please cross your fingers!! I really want this to go well, not for just the obvious reasons, but we've worked so very hard to find a GREAT team of doctors to follow Danny and I just don't want to have to go through finding new ones, as if I can't feel that it's a "safe" place for my kids when it comes to the quality of care I will have to look else where. I will NOT settle for second best when it comes to the health and well being of my kids. The only disadvantage to all of this, of course the week I'm gone for his surgery, is the same week Avrianna has her summer Girl Scout Camp. I will have to get reports of how things went each day via phones calls, so I'm kinda bummed about that. The good thing is, the only day Dan will be gone (day of surgery) so he won't be able to get Avrianna to n from the bus stop, is my mom's is day off so she's going to help out.
Avrianna is still loving all her summer activities, she is practicing for a play that she is going to be Wendy from Peter Pan which she is very excited about. She also has been playing with her friends. I'm so glad we built here, wonderful families around us the area is so nice to raise your kids :)
Bailey is still sporting the cone of shame even though the wounds are healing VERY well she insists on licking, Grrrrrrrr. I do think it will only be a couple more days and she can be "trusted" to have it off more often.
The garden continues to grow! Honestly I am pleasantly SURPRISED at how well things are doing, now to see what the final out come does at harvest time.
The Peas
The Beans
Our Corn
The pepper plants and Tomato plants

The cucumber/and pickle plants



Julie said...

The kids look great!!! I will be praying not only for the surgery (and camp) to go well, but for there to be no hiccups this time around with the hospital and its staff.

Oh, and the garden looks awesome. Green acres, for sure.

ANewKindOfPerfect said...

It's good to hear that everyone is doing well! I hope Danny's surgery goes smoothly and there are no bumps along the road. As you said, you have to be able to trust the hospital staff 100% or else it's not okay.

Your poor dog and his cone of shame. Our Boston Terrier had hers on for almost two weeks and it was hilarious and pathetic all at the same time. :)

Your garden is still amazing to me. I am so jealous!