Friday, May 6, 2011

Wonderful Accomplishments :)

Congratulations Whitney on your Confirmation :) We are so Proud of you. Reach for the stars girl...YOU can accomplish anything and everything! We LOVE YOU!Happy Nurses Day ~ To our WONDERFUL Nurses Aleana & Gail! They are our FAMILY :)
Happy Mother's Day ~ My 5 Generation picture! (Taken 5-1-11)
The Whole Crew! I'm very thankful for my family and that I've been able to share so many memories with them. I'm one Lucky Lady to have them in my life for so long :)Danny chatting it up with his Great Great Grandma NaGreen. She is SO FOND of Danny! (Sophia NaGreeen 98)
Look what I can DO! My Mom NEVER gives up on me, Pushes me to my limits, and gives me opportunities that I was told I couldn't do :) SMILE!
Not only did I give him strawberries that day, but he licked a Dill Pickle potato chip (ewww), and had some applesauce (YUM). Can you say MAJOR taste overload? But he did GREAT with it. Vanilla Ice Cream is one of his favorites :)

Yesterday Danny was back UP in his stander. After a surgery, where in the beginning, I was told Danny would never be able to go back in. Well............................... Take THAT!
He is more reclined then he used to be, but he's UP and tolerating it :) Have I told you how PROUD OF YOU I AM, DANNY!
Danny's post op appts on Tuesday went very well. We don't have to see Ortho now until he is ready for another rod lengthening. They think it will be right around the beginning of Sept. BUT we'll see what his xrays look like. I will bring him in for xrays the end of the summer. If his curve is stable then I will put off the surgery until HE is ready for it. There is NO sense in growing him out if HE isn't ready for it. Danny is growing up so fast on his own, he doesn't need someone else to do it for him :) The ENT had to pull out another blood clot out of his right ear again, but now that it's out his ear should be good. Just another week of ear drops and to watch the ear tubes and make sure he doesn't have an allergy to these ones.
Avrianna is gearing up for the Summer. She can't wait! We have a few things planned this year: a Drama class, going up North for the 4th, having her cousin stay with us for almost a month, going to St Louis to Jellystone Park and doing some fun activities there, and she has a week long Girl Scout camp. She is going to busy....does that surprise you? NOT ~ LOL! Avrianna is doing really well with her glasses that she got about a month ago. I guess she really needed them ...darn kid should have told me sooner she was having problems. I'm glad we got it taken care of now and she is going great. Her braces haven't been bothering her, only when she gets them tightened does she have some discomfort for a few days. I can't believe how much/ fast she is growing up :( This week I did a bunch of cleaning out and the Barbie's went away, the dolls, the small bike too all went away....makes me sad. My Lil girl is becoming a young lady!
I was able to have my first MS treatment in Milwaukee the same day as Danny's Post op appts on Tuesday. I was so nice to have Gail and Danny there with me. Danny of course was the center of attention :) Everything went great! It's refreshing to say I'm doing good and in minimal daily pain. I didn't think I would EVER feel like this again.....EVER! So I'm grateful for the extra time I have :)
Dan is deligently attempting to get his race car ready. Good thing the weather has been darn right CRAPPY this last month and most of the racing days have been canceled. When he's done with it is should be a whole in car under the hood and electronically (not one of Dan's favorite things to do). I'm sure once the weather gets more like spring/summer around here he will be more busy with Fire Calls too but for now he has been busy with his Fire School and Training.
Mr Gunner got himself a "new" home. Yes the kennel is back! I think he has anxiety when we leave and lately he has been eating shoes when we are gone. Grrrrr! So instead of replacing tons of shoes and a possible vet bill, I went out and got a kennel so he will behave and be safe when we are gone. He is SO NOT impressed with it, but as Dan put it Game OVER and you lost. LOL!
I can into contact with an amazing BLOG the other day. This mother is AMAZING and inspirational. She knows exactly how to say how we all feel. I just LOVE reading her blog. I HIGHLY recommend taking a look at her Blog The Bird on the Street. If anything please read this post she wrote ALL I ASK it is a MUST read for my blog friends and family with and without children with Special Needs. Please Read it! I was going to repost it her on my blog for you all to read but I can not. And this post The Problem with Raising a Special Needs Child. Heck I could many more on here just stop in on her blog you won't be disappointed!
Thanks for checking in on us! Please let us know you stopped by as we love to here from you too.

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Jenna said...

Hi Danny and Family!
My name is Jenna and I came across your site. You are one amazing special inspiring family. Danny and your daughter are both brave, courageous, determined, and strong fighters. They are full of life, spunky, full of smiles, Joyful, happy, inspirational hero's. I have developmental delays, such as Autism, and 13 other medical conditions. One is a severe life threatening disease. It takes me longer to do things than others so when ever I accomplish something new in our home it is a big deal. Just like I am sure it's a big deal in your house when Danny learns something new.