Saturday, May 14, 2011


Well Danny's sputum culture crew out 3 different bacterias (sigh) how many are going to party in his trachea. He grew out Pseudomonas and Yeast by Sunday evening and by Thursday a third germ joined into the party called Klebsiella Pneumoniae. So now Danny has three bacteria diagnosis on top of Pneumonia and Tracheitis. Danny got a general IV antibiotic and a big dog IV antibiotic in the ER room at Theda, when we were transferred CHOW he was put on another big IV antibiotic in addition to TOBI ~ an inhaled antibiotic. Thankfully the antibiotics that he was started on worked for all three germ so we didn't have to change it once again :) All of Danny's breathing "treatments" have been doubled too so I think we are getting a good handle on this pneumonia. The xrays had gotten better each day and his oxygen levels have decreased. The bleeding from his trachea is getting better too so I can believe the Tracheitis is getting better also. Things are on the right track! Danny still has a way too go, but at least he is on the up n up. Soooooooo I was able to sweet talk them into letting us go home on Friday morning ~ Woooohoooo! Aleana came down to pick us up as Danny and I were stranded in CHOW, with coming down via ambulance we don't have the luxury to jump in the van n leave whenever we want to. Boy was I glad to see Aleana walk into our room to save us from our fish bowl. Danny is still on TPN but we are slowly working to get him back to his normal feeds.... Slow n steady always wins the race as Dr Kasper always puts it :) So we will be partying here at home now, hopefully for a long time. Now that we are home I have some spring shopping to do for plants and some outdoor furniture, looks like Avrianna and I have some retail therapy to do :)

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