Sunday, May 8, 2011

Hospitalized Mother's Day

Yesterday morning Danny's respiratory status went down hill fast. Friday morning I noticed Danny getting more junky and we chalked it up to possible teething and allergies, but it wasn't alarming. By 1:00 it was like someone turned on a switch for his secretions, it was awful I've never see him so junky before. Danny definitely gave Aleana a workout for Nurse's Day :(. As the nite went on his secretions turned from white, to yellow, then GREEN. Yuck! By morning I knew Danny needed more help then what could do for him at home....aka ventilator :(. He was breathing so fast and hard his poor face was fire engine red and his heart looked as if it was going to come right out of his chest :(. Once we got to the local ER I knew in my gut they weren't going to keep us there on breathing support so......we got a "boxed" limo ride with the special treatment. We rode in the very decorated and "fun" ambulance. It's amazing how many people will stare at the ambulance while driving. The ambulance team was wonderful with my Lil Man, unfortunately Danny didn't like the ride too much but he settled down once we got to CHOW. The diagnosis when we got here from Theda Clark was pneumonia,but the doctor here wasn't so sure (she's a pulmonologist too, lucky for us) so she wanted to see what this mornings X-rays looked like and see if any of the cultures that were done had grown anything. Last nite was VERY the med port access had clotted (this was the first time it was accessed since placement and it wasn't in more then 10hrs and a clot already) so new access needed to be established. The with Danny not having a cuffed trach the air was leaking from the vent and it was alarming ALL NITE LONG (let me tell you a vent alarm is NOT subtle, it darn near throws me out of bed). Of course after we fall asleep X-ray is in the room at 4:20am YIKES! The X-ray this morning did infact show NO pneumonia :) so they believe tracheitis or some other infection of the trachea is brewing. We'll see what the cultures grow out but until then they going to hit him with antibiotics, breathing treatments, Mr Jiggles, cough assist around the clock. He isn't tolerating things in his gut so we are moving slowly with his meds and "trying" food, but this morning when we vent him we are getting blood so we'll see what comes of this. As I type this the RT is in here and we are going to try him OFF the vent to see how he does. HE IS THE BOSS so he will let us know- please cross your fingers and say a lil prayer that the vent will stay away. Well I need to run but wanted to let you know Shay going on with us. Happy Mother's Day!!!

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Justin and Victoria Nelson said...

Happy Mother's Day to one of the most incredible mamas I know. Saying prayers for Danny to get better soon, and for fast answers and a short hospital stay!