Monday, May 23, 2011

Better Days at HOME

Danny has been lounging around at home.........While Avrianna keeps him occupied ~ I LOVE watching these two :) What a great relationship these to have. They both adore each other :)
Life has been pretty hectic around here the last week. The beginning of the week was brutal with Danny rapidly getting sicker n sicker. UGH! Gail had her work cut out for her on Mon and Tues of last week. Danny was HIGH MAINTENANCE with needing to be suctioned constantly, gut issues, and doctors appts. We managed to keep him at home from any hospital admissions, but it was getting pretty close there for a few days. WAY TO GO ALEANA n GAIL!! We are still waiting to hear from CHOW to see if Pulmonary wants to have Danny put on Cpap over night and when he's sick to help keep his lungs open. One of Danny's issues is he's shallow breathing which allows areas of his lungs to get atelectasis or collapsing of his lungs. The ONE thing Danny has going for him is that he does have "healthy" lungs it's his muscle tone that isn't helping to clean the lungs out. Seeing we already bi passed his upper air way issues with the trache now we might have to help him clear the lungs better with the Cpap. It's alil scary as this means a ventilator. SIGH ~ I'm sick to my stomach. I know it's just another step in the forever lasting path of Danny and really I'm ok with it, but it's a VENT, ugh. It's amazing how through the "Danny" process the train of thought changes....all for the good :) But I can remember how I thought NO WAY a vent and then I've met these wonderful children that have vents and maintain and great life style. Now I'm still for no vent IF Danny isn't Danny anymore. God forbid something should happen and his personality and thrive isn't there anymore then I couldn't let a machine keep him here just for my self reasons. As long as I see the fight in him and will FIGHT FOR HIM!!
10.5 more days of school BUT who's counting. YIKES! Avrianna can't wait! Danny is already done with school. With him being so ill I cancelled therapies for the rest of this year for him to recover, but boy do we miss the therapist's. The last few weeks Avrianna has had alot of fun projects to do at school. She just did a learning box about the state of Tennessee and went in front of the class to talk about what she's learned and enjoyed about the state. She was excited she got a state that we drive through when we go down to Florida (We are planning on 3 trips down to FL next school year ~ YAY). Today she has a skit to do about the precipitation stages so this weekend we were making clouds and raindrops to go with her speech while her partner made a sun and lake. I hope they do well. Next week they have an ice cream social at school and then the day before the last day Dan and I volunteered to go on a 3rd grade field trip to the Milwaukee museum. God help us, LOL! I've never been there so I'm excited to go....just not the bus ride to get there. Then the summer break is here!! Avrianna is going to busy with Drama, Girl Scout camp, and having her cousin here for almost a month. We are taking a family vacation to St Louis..camping out at Jellystone Park, going to the Arch, Six Flags Great America, and what ever else trips our trigger :) Danny just behave himself!! We are going without any nurses.
Yesterday Dan started to plant the Osero Organic garden 2011. He got it about half planted before the storms started to roll in. Now to wait patiently to reap the benefits of having our own garden. While Dan planted the garden I moved the lawn, Avrianna went swimming in the pool (YIKES ~ it's not heated yet and COLD) yeap she is NUTS, and Danny supervised with Gails assistance. Somehow I was the only one that got burnt...I mean SCORCHED! I'm going to have to check to see if any of my meds have sun burn effects cuz ...... WOW I'm red. I was only out for around 3 hrs on the lawn mower but it looks as if I was out for 3 days. I hope it tans and it doesn't peel. I have to do my annual check over with my dermatologist on Thursday....I don't think he's going to be impressed with me. Whoops!
More tornados were storming through the area and in other states yesterday. My thoughts in prayers are with the families that were effected with the storms. I can't believe the severity of the storms not only already but just this year alone. I can't remember being in the basement this much....once a year, maybe twice. BUT we've been down there already 3 times and the season has JUST begun. UNREAL!!
Stay Safe

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