Sunday, May 15, 2011

Picture Catch UP

For those of you that don't follow us on's the picture catch up from our latest hospitalization for you guys. The connectivity at the hospital limits what you can do ...I could post but not post pictures. So here's a recap!
Looks like he had a rough night. We are still in Theda ER waiting for the transport team to pick us up. Protocol is the receiving hospital picks up the patient so we waited at least 2 hours for the ambulance to come. Just enough time for me to go home and pack. The black "bug" in the middle of his chest is his med port. First time it was accessed and it was a success!
Danny's first set of Xrays....the right lung (left side) lower lobe has a significant cloudy spot which takes about half of the lower lobe.
All strapped in and ready for the ride :( I was with and sat in the front seat

Ugh!The ambulance is all decked out ~
Hooked up to the vent.....for 2 days :( .... and yes I got alot of grief for this one ~ Danny having peach fuzz above his once we got home ~ I shaved it off. SIGH ~ shaving my 7yr old. Now there is something wrong with that!
Sitting up in the lounge chair....I think he likes it :)
We even got Danny outside for a few minutes. We didn't have HIS chair (when you come in an ambulance the wheelchair doesn't come with) so we improvised with a "regular" one. Where there's a will there's a way!Still sick but still smiling....what's with my Lil Man. He's such a trooper!Chill'n out for the day in the chair with my Lil man....4 days into the "trip", boy it does wonders on a body ~ WOW look at those bags under the eyes. Those darn couch/beds! Poor Danny is so pale here :(
After 6 days down at CHOW he is finally home...still not great, but we're working on it! Avrianna missed Danny so much!Today we've hit some set backs on progress but it's not too far. Danny has been tugging pretty hard to breathe and there are some wheezy sounds in his lungs. More breathing treatments and he is stuck to the oxygen machine!! This morning he wasn't a fan of his g tube feeds so we had to turn them down. Never a dull moment around here! It's me and Danny this afternoon n evening so we are going to do some snuggl'n on the couch and just "relax" (I hope). I'm going to take Avrianna out for some Mommy n Me time tomorrow..... Just her and I for some retail therapy ;)
As you can see I had time to do some blog additions and face lifts. Hope you like them!

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