Monday, April 25, 2011

Well HOP to it!

Happy Easter from The Osero's
All of the baskets n eggs were found in about 30 mintues....guess the Bunny needs to do a better job of hiding them next year :)
My AWESOME kids!Avrianna snapping pictures of us ~What a wonderful holiday! We had Papa n Claudia down to celebrate Easter with us. We went over to my Aunt's house for lunch, this was the first holiday in a few years that we actually went to someone else's house. As always the house was a buzz with stories and jokes, great times....great times!
I know I've been slacking on the recovery updates. No news is good news though. We've been without a nurse,those part timers think they should have a holiday off once in awhile ~ LOL, so I can use that excuse as I've been spending some awesome one on one time with my Lil Man. I've missed being his only one, BUT boy is he high maintenance, LOL. I'm exhausted ~ I can't lay all the blame for that one on Danny .... I also forgot how much fun it is with having NO time restraints so we've been out n about shopping :) With the weather being so great
and Danny doing WONDERFUL, we just kept going. Retail therapy ~ AHHHHHHHhhh!
Danny giving the PICU nurses some grief....miss you guys!
We were out of the hospital less then 48 hours after surgery and not to mention tolerating his feeds already....Oh My that is a record, I think :) It is so nice to see Danny so comfortable, it just goes to show you how much pain/discomfort he was in on a daily basis. We did have alil scare
the first morning we were home with bleeding from his port site, but Dr Kasper came over to the house and checked it all out. For whatever reason Danny started to bleed alil Thursday evening when we got home by the time the morning came around it looked as if it was still bleeding. The fear was the port had a possible malfunction, but thankfully it was only a VERY large clot. Once that was removed and we had a pressure dressing on it for the day, the site stopped bleeding. Dr K was able to draw labs on Danny, when he was here, to see if he was going to require a blood transfusion. I had requested Danny's labs that were taken in the hospital be faxed over so we had a comparison to go by. Seeing the labs there was a concern as his levels were continuing to drop since surgery, I was surprised they let Danny go home with the #'s so low. Danny must have lost alot of blood during surgery.....and afterwards. Once the labs that, Dr K drew, came back we all could take a breath, because, things were stable, they weren't dropping anymore which was a relief to hear. Danny will be on extra iron to supplement for the next 2 months while his body is now working double time to make new blood cells. Other then the bleeding scare Danny has been a ROCK STAR! He hasn't had any pain meds, not even Ibuprofen or Tylenol since he left the hospital. AMAZING how his leg can be cut down the side, all the bruising, with his bone cut off and he is in NO PAIN. I can pick him up and no issues. He can sit in his chair for hours and NO issues. I can change his diaper and NO ISSUES. I can't believe it!
See for yourself it looks like it hurts ~ (taken Easter morning 5 days post op)
Yellow bruising on top and into the groin area
Still swelling n purple bruising on the bottom .....The abductor wedge he has to wear.....NOT impressed with this one too much......see where the horizontal tape is in the middle, around the top to middle of that piece of tape is how far down they removed the bone. Not only did the surgeon cut the head off he cuts down about 1/3 of the femur bone to make sure there will be no rubbing into the hip socket anymore
Here is Danny's Med port siteit looks like a life saver in his chest :)I'm a ROCK STAR! My mom says so......And his poor eyes still look as if he'd been in a fight.... this is what happens with wrong tape, grrrGunner was very excited because as if this morning the cone of shame had been removed and put away. All four of his paws are healed and he isn't licking them anymore. Another long haul with the dew claw removal, but definitely not as drawn out as Bailey was last spring. Bailey's ear is healing nicely too. That was a relief as I was not looking forward to having to go back to the vet to have a drain sewn in. I have met my vet quota for the month, LOL. So I'm hoping they take it easy on me next month.
Thanks for following us through yet again another journey. Your support means the world to us. Take care! and let us know you stopped by :)

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