Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Sunny Days

The grass is turning green, the warm breeze is here, and the SUN is shining down :) Breathe......... ahhhhh, how refreshing. I just love this time of year when LIFE comes back.
Yesterday Dan and I took a drive down to Waukesha to see a new Neurologist at an MS clinic in the Memorial Hospital. AMAZING and breath taking! I feel like a can breathe and relax alil better now. They get it! Dr. Smith is very understanding and knowledgeable. Not that the one I was seeing here in the Valley wasn't good......BUT this one is GREAT! I feel more a peace now that I'm giving it my best shot and whatever happens happens but at least I did everything I could. I'm ok with it......I'm sure I will have shitty days and just want to throw the towel in but I have someone more in my corner that I KNOW will pick me up and be there every step of the way. How many can say that about a Physician? I've worked so hard at giving Danny and Avrianna the BEST physicians, it was time for ME to do the same and it feels as if a load has been lifted. I guess I just thought it's was ok for me to have a doctor, but to have a PHYSICIAN wow what a difference. Do you know what I mean? I am NOT doing this alone. I know I have Dan, my friends, and family but as I say with Danny, if you are not living it you really don't get it. I learned so much in the hour I was there with her then I have ever in the whole 2 yrs since I've been diagnosed with MS. It was refreshing to have Dr. Smith confirm alot of my suspicions about what been going on with me. It was great for her to tell me how beautiful a women I was, how feminine I looked, how she loved my attitude, and how I composed myself well that she wouldn't have known I had MS. I know it sounds weird but it was uplifting for me. Even though some of things weren't easy on the ears to hear about like the progression of this disease, how bad my symptoms are, and what is probably in my future. BUT I know I am giving it my all and I'm ok with whatever I am up against. The only "bad" thing is that I will be traveling down to the Milwaukee area (about 1.5hrs one way) more as I have to be there once a month now for myself and then we have all of Danny's specialists n procedures at the Children's Hospital. I am a pretty good coordinator, if I don't say myself, so I'm pretty sure I will be getting as many appts on one day as I can. It's always a busy day then but then it's done :) It was so nice to drive down with Dan yesterday, with the sun shining .... Thanks for going with me it was a great day hanging out with you :)
Danny is doing ok....he has been hit with the allergy monster (as ALWAYS during this time) so we are been very diligent on meds and treatments. His secretions have increase and become very thick. We don't need him to aspirate on it and get pneumonia as his next surgery is right around the corner on Tuesday to remove the head on his femur and, have a med port placed. I'm telling you never a dull moment here.
Avrianna continues to be a social butterfly so she's normally on the go. She can't wait for summer and asks me over n over again when we are going to get the pool up. Well it's expected to have snow (yes I said it, grrrr) on Saturday. REALLY ~Why do we torture ourselves with this weather here in Wisconsin? Two days ago it was in the 70's....seriously who pissed off Mother Nature. The weather here and far is so off the charts lately.
We are attempting to plan a summer vacation which is exciting but it depends on when Dan has his fire school training and IF we are all healthy. Wish me LUCK with that!
Thanks for stopping by to check on us. As always we LOVE having you follow our journey in this crazy world we call LIFE.

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Justin and Victoria Nelson said...

we love you osero family! so happy, lori, that you found a wonderful physician to take over your care. it is such a relief to have one who is also fighting with you.
we continue to hold you guys so very close to our hearts.
the nelsons