Friday, April 1, 2011


Danny and I went to go to pick up the new van before he was to have his PICC line placed yesterday. Once again I get lost driving in unfamiliar territory, geeez. The new van needed to have the ez lock system put in place and that couldn't get done without Danny and his chair there to make sure it was put in the proper place. They needed some extra time to get everything in order, so I went to get Danny's PICC line in first and then I planned on coming back to pick up the van once Danny was admitted and things settled down. Once again....yeap you guessed it, I got lost trying to get to the hospital, grrrrrrrr. Thankfully went I called my friend Shandra she answered her phone, stayed on the line with me and got me to the hospital .... I love Shandra, Thank You so VERY much. I got to the hospital just in time for Danny's PICC line. He was a trooper! No sedation was required - So a BIG balloon was needed for his bravery :) the PICC was to be placed in his right arm, but unfortunately there were no usable veins for a PICC anymore on the right .... They were able to get one in his left arm, but I was told there were slim pickens on the left too. The woman in IR asked if I was ever asked to have a med port put in on Danny. I just had to chuckle as I was trying to get one done but ...... It didn't happen :(. Once Danny was done down in IR we went right up to the floor and they were ready for us :). Danny is in room 412 in ICU. We got him all settled in and then was off to go get e new van, but this time I was smart and brought Shandra with me.....I didn't get lost :). Bonus after we picked up the van, we got something to eat at Texas Road House, YUM! We had a nurse last night that is familiar with Danny which makes it so much easier and less stressful, now if they can just get those chair/beds more comfortable and we are in business. Needless to say I didn't sleep very well, but don't worry the cold showed (due to no hot water) woke my ass right up. Amazingly I was done getting ready before the doctors started to funnel in:) mind you I am very slow to go - lol. The PICC line was no behaving last night and clogged, nothing a lil TPA could handle - phew. Now I need the PICC to work until the port is poor Lil man has my crummy veins, sorry sweetie. Danny was wheeled down first thing this morning (it's so nice being the first case ... No delays). ENT had there work to do on Danny first - trachea scope and check ears. The scope was wonderful, his trachea looks AWESOME and no changes need to be done at this time. The ears on the other hand......left one was ok, it just needed some deep cleaning. But the right was "pissed off"...leave it to my Lil Man to develop an allergy yo the tube in his ear. UGH! The tube had to come out as there was granualnomia, puss, inflammation, and it was bleeding. Oh my poor Lil guy, that had to hurt like hell. Ear drops and pain meds for that. Then Ortho stepped in to do their part, first the rod lengthening. Danny grew 1" on one side and a 1.5" on the other to compensate for the curve. They flipped him over back onto his back and did the hip injection. All procedures went well without a hitch :). BUT in true Danny form his wake up time from anesthesia was slow to go. He required RT to breathe for him for 20 minutes after he was brought to his room and I finally saw alil peek from the crack of his eye lids a whopping 4.5 hrs after he came up to his room. Do NOT disturb was the only thing going on in Danny's mind. His incisions look great :). His right ear still bleeding but it isn't dripping out of his ear anymore so it must be slowing down, my poor bug that alone has got to hurt. Danny traditionally has GI shut down after anesthetic and this time is mo different ... No bowel sounds :(. At least they know this and TPN is already running. The plan is ..... I'm not sure. They are looking to see the schedules of a general surgeon to place the med port and the schedule of ortho to see when they are available. I already can have walking papers to go home tomorrow, but if they can coordinate ( which is highly unlikely, but you never know ) a time first part of next week they would like us to stay. Like I have nothing better to do with my time, right? So we will see, but I can almost bet we will be going home on TPN in our new van tomorrow :). I will keep you posted!

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