Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Danny's New Ride

So what do you think? Danny is going to be one stylin kiddo :)Roll the chair up, lock it in place, and he's off ~ So COOL!APRIL FOOLS! It would be cool though :) Aleana thinks this is in Danny's future, hahahha...I'd like to see her chase him down the road, now that would be priceless!

This is his new Ride..... 2011 Toyota Sienna that we got from Mobility Works in Waukesha,WI equipped with a Vision conversion.

It's a green/grey color ~ really would there be any other color I would choose, other then possibly lime green. LOL
The rear hatch opens, the vehicle kneels, and the ramp fold out all with a touch of one button.
The middle of the floor is cut out, and it's equipped with full size Captain chairs that fold up for the second row seating, and a two person fold up bench for the third row.
Here you can see the seats folded up ~ the sunroof ~ the rubber floor where it is cut out ~ and the TV for the kids. Plus a better view of how the seating is when it is folded up.Installing the EZ lock system in the right place for Danny....just roll him in and the bolt under his chair locks into the base and whala he's in. We have a lap belt for him too, it's not needed for this system but I feel much safer with it on :)Danny trying out the placement of the EZ lock system
View of the passenger second row folded upWe are enjoying the new van and all that is does.....We're so spoiled :)

No more BIG Green Bus for us......this was a wonderful change to our suite our family !


Justin and Victoria Nelson said...

this post is totally speakin to me! we are in the process of looking at wheelchair-accessible vans as well -there are just so many options, not to mention so many high prices!
we cant decide between rear entry or side entry, manual or automatic, honda or toyota, etc. in addition, we are seeing what regional center can help us with.
we have a mobility works out here that we are going to check out...if you have any tips, we are all ears!

Stelle Courney said...

Cool! I totally love that bike with a ramp for Danny! Anyway your new ride is really good. The ramp would be a great help for every one. And I can see Danny is having fun on his seat.

Best of luck to your family and God bless each and every one of you.